Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stink Canyon

Well, Skunk Canyon actually but someone decided that if he couldn't find any skunks, he'd find something to roll in to stink himself up.  There's a reason his #1 nickname is Stinkpants.

He was not wearing that same grin on his face after his shampoo and blow dry when we got home.  No tip for me as his stylist, just stink eye, pouting and the silent treatment.

Other than that it was a beautiful hike up Enchanted Mesa/Skunk Canyon.

There were lots of pinecones to chase.

And pretty views for the humans.

Still some snow on the higher peaks.

Classic Flatirons view.

This short hike usually takes 1 hour 10 minutes (less than an hour if I run it) or so but Strummer managed to stretch it out to 1 hour 35 minutes with his sniffing and rolling and peeing on every last yucca plant in sight.

I'd had a much harder workout on Saturday though and was looking to take it easy.  Two hour mountain bike ride on the Dirty Bismark trail.  Took some extra trails to make it longer than normal.  A beautiful day on that trail too.

Some snow on the Continental Divide.  Probably won't last too much longer.

Classic view of the front range/flatirons.

I did the loop in a clockwise direction for the first time which meant I had a not so very fun long steep climb up a wide gravely trail but it was good practice for the Buffalo Creek Xterra which has a much longer, much steeper much less pleasant climb up a steep jeep road at the end of an already very long bike course.  On the other hand it meant I got to ride down those fun trails shown in the photo above.  Whee.

After 2 hours/16.6 miles of that I threw on my running shoes and did a short 2.6 mile loop on the Marshall Mesa trail.  I managed to twist my ankle and fall about 30 seconds into the run because there's a bunch of rocky, uneven slickrock right at the trail head.  There is a nice smooth, dirt handicap ramp but I was too much of a genius to go down that.  It took a couple of minutes until I could bear weight on it but I shook it off and finished my run no problem.  It wasn't physically hard but I was mentally tired but the run went quickly (38:30 mins.) and my ankle was fine.  Until I got up at some wee hour in the morning and couldn't bear weight on it again.  Then got up a few hours later and it was fine.  Hike today was no problem.  We'll see how boot camp and agility go tomorrow.  In the meantime I think I need to revisit some of my ankle strengthening/balancing exercises from when I sprained my ankle.  I've twisted both ankles while simply walking several times in the last couple few weeks.

Lory is supposed to open in a week.  I want to go up and pre-ride the Xterra course (race is first weekend in June) and try out the trails using my hardtail (ie no rear suspension) mountain bike since it will be lighter and the trails aren't that technical.  But I'm not looking forward to seeing the burn area.  The media was allowed in 3 weeks ago and there are some photos and video here.  I've seen a more recent photo and it looked like things were starting to green up so hopefully it won't be too horribly depressing.  Fires are good for the grasslands in general but not when they get too crazy.  Hopefully with all the moisture we've been getting the park will spring back by June and be even more awesome.

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