Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maybe I Should Get a Cat

A cat, well actually an 8 month old kitten, that does weave poles, blind crosses, backsides of jumps, a teeter and has a perfect running dogwalk.  Amazing.  I wonder if I could send Strummer to this girl to help with his running dogwalk.

Once the 9" of snow in my yard melts I'm going to set up his plank/table and go back to basics. Practice at the field goes back and forth between perfect and disaster so I'm going to try some backyard dogwalk boot camp in hopes of getting better consistency.  To be fair, I've been practicing some challenging turns off the end of the dogwalk so I suppose it's understandable that things will deteriorate but still, I couldn't even get good hits with the reliable stride regulator.

 At a trial somebody asked me if I would train a running dogwalk again and I said hells yeah I would. For one thing it's so much more fun than stopped contacts. For another, I've already made the mistakes and gone through the learning curve, of course I want to try it again using all I've learned. Though it will hopefully be a long long time before I get another dog. I'm through with the 3 dog experiment, much prefer having only 2 so I'd have to have 2 dogs leave me before getting another and I don't even want to think about that so yeah, no new dogs or dogwalk training for a long long while.

Lola enjoying our latest spring snow.

Melting quickly, this is the day after 9" of snow fell.  Looked so white and pretty and sparkly this morning but by the time I got us out for our afternoon walk it was already turning to brown.

Not so happy about the grainy cell phone pictures but I couldn't be bothered digging out my camera before our walk.

Trails should be dry by the weekend, time to hit the hills and start training for reals.


  1. The snow looks so pretty. I like it even better that it doesn't overstay its welcome.

  2. That cat and human are insane! Insanely talented, that is... wow wow wow.

    3 dogs is a wee bit different than 2, isn't it...