Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trial Photos

Here are some nice photos of Strummer from the DOCNA trial. I sent the link to Jonny and he replied, 'Looks like someone had fun.' And I replied that I was sure it wasn't me. It's just my luck there were a couple of photos of the start of that ill fated Jumpers run taken right at jump #3 where my brain decided to have a panic attack at the crazy wild horse thundering towards me off the start line. As it happens I can't blame the crazy rabid squirrels in Strummer's brain, I was so confusing and so late in my cue. This means what now? Brain sez 'front cross', body projects 'huh, what?' So do you think I was late or what? The next jump was the one behind me. Ugh, poor poor dog.

Maybe if I watch this guy's videos over and over enough times some of his crazy mad handling skilz will imprint themselves in my subconscious brain. He's young too, maybe 18? It's an outrage to be that good at such an age. He judged one of our USDAA trials last year and I swear I heard someone say he was in high school. But he was an excellent judge and even offered to help us at the score table when we were understaffed and falling behind. How many judges ever offer to do that? Plus it looks like he's using the handling system I'm trying to learn so maybe if I watch enough I'll pick something up.

In the meantime I'm off to the practice field to abuse poor Lola with some distance work and maybe some more crappy handling if she's lucky.


  1. I didn't see any pictures.

  2. Yeah, the link doesnt work, but if you choose the recent DOCNA trial and FLETCHER then you can see them.

    My favorite is when he has exited the weaves and is turning on the boosters.

  3. Yeah, that's my favorite too.

    It's weird, the links didn't work for a short bit last night then all of a sudden they worked and they're working this morning. I wonder if there was something up with the site or if it's a glitchy site in general.

  4. OK I just saw them. I thought it was Rift :-) Please let us get a picture if possible this weekend. We can brace Strummers ear up so they really look like twins :-) (just kidding)

  5. Sure, I'll try to remember to bring my nice camera.

  6. Young guy "Starting LSU next week" or something like that on his page. I feel like you say when I'm watching Ashley and Luka run. No spare movement anywhere, it's all to the point and he's exactly where he needs to be.

    Actually watching Nancy Gyes or Jim Basic does the same thing--it's just that they have so many years of experience I just chalk it up to that. I don't know why it makes a difference to me. Funny.

    But watching any of them closely does help me.