Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cody Baloney Goes For a Hike

Cody turned 11 last month and to celebrate we did...nothing. I know, I'm bad but c'mon, I have time for dog birthday parties? If so please tell me when? But I felt like he's been getting the shaft lately so I decided to pick a hike that I thought he could manage and enjoy. Strum got to come along as well but Miss Lola, she's a bad influence and tends to lose her head in the woods so in the name of Jonny's sanity we left her home. I felt bad about it and she was not happy either and when we came home she immediately went into a pout outside and refused to come in. My special little drama queen.

Mt. Audubon overlooking Beaver Reservoir.

There was much joyful running and carrying on.

Looking good for 11 if you ask me.

Classic Cody Baloney pose.

Trail shenanigans in the woods.

Trail shenanigans in the meadows.

The King of Shenanigans himself.

Classic stick catching pose.

We hiked for around 2 hours/5 miles at around 9000' and saw a couple with a nice dog, another couple sans dog and a mountain biker and that was it. There were steepy rocky bits and nice smooth dirt, flat bits and lots of uppy/downy. Not a lot of scenic vistas but the forest was beautiful as were the meadows which are still full of wildflowers and the quiet, peaceful trail was a treat. There was a little nip in the air though and the flowers were starting to dwindle. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off of work this week in part because I've had only 1 vacation day this year and I need some time off and also because I want to enjoy what little is left of summer in the high country.


  1. Cody looks great! Strummer looks awesome too :-)

  2. Yeah, Cody looks great! A treat to see him front and centre on the blog again. (Stummer and Lola are uber cool too, but Cody's always been my favourite.)

  3. Yeah, he's my favorite too. But I say that about all of them.

  4. You're right, he looks great for 11! Nice scenery as always. My dogs don't usually get birthday parties, either. Life's rough when you're a dog.