Friday, August 14, 2009

Bike, Hike, Repeat

My 2 days off were wonderful but exhausting, the sort of thing you need a vacation to recover from. As a result I'm tired and playing catch-up and don't have time to deal with the photos and oh crap I have an agility trial tomorrow and when was the last time Strummer had any practice? If you have to ask and can't remember it's probably not a good sign. If things get much worse I'll need a hazmat suit to clean my house. But summer is so fleeting, especially up high in the mountains so for now the dust bunnies breed like rabbits and we don't let anyone in the house.

I don't have time for a full Week in Training post but in brief Saturday was 2 1/2 hours/13 miles or so biking at West Mag (schoolbus trail, phew an awful lot of steep climbing), Sunday was 2 hours/5 miles hiking on the Sourdough Trail just up from Boulder, Monday was 2 1/2 hours/20 miles biking in Winter Park/Fraser (1 3/4 hours drive) and Tuesday was a 3 1/2 hour hike almost to Isabelle Glacier in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. Strummer came along on that one and it gets steep and rocky and he finally looked maybe a little sort of kind of tired. Yeah, in my dreams, crazy boy had a full recovery on the 45 minute drive home. Me, not so much. I feel like my fitness is improving but that I'm still way out of shape. I've been doing a good job with the training but it takes time especially when dealing with injuries. Race is in 2 weeks, agility trials this weekend and next, busy busy.

I'll leave you with this great story from One Bark at a Time. Wish I could write like that (sigh). It's maybe not for everybody but I loved it.

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