Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pimp My Ride

I am so ready for my race in 2 weeks.

I hope USAT doesn't have a rule against streamers. I tried to check but couldn't find anything except for photos from a kid's USAT tri where apparently they were no problem. At least they will know for sure that I have my handlebars plugged.

In other news Strummer had some moments of absolute brilliance and some complete and utter train wrecks this weekend at his DOCNA trial. I'll write about it later and I have some video, unfortunately only of the train wrecks and none of the good stuff but oh well. He did qualify for DOCNA Championships next year which was shocking and a pleasant surprise. He was a full 11 seconds faster than the next fastest dog but had 5 faults (yes, the dogwalk). It's still a Q though as far as qualifying for Champs. I'd like to try to go but it will depend on where they are and finances and such but October 2010 is a long way off so we'll see.

Does this look like the face of a Champion?

You can never have too many pictures of Lola.

Cody Baloney at your service.

More later if/when I have time.

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