Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More Jerome and Prescott

It turns out the hotel we were staying in, like much of Jerome, is supposedly haunted. Luckily it was right before we checked out when I read some specific accounts of weird ghosty things that had happened there and not before we arrived because some weird things did happen in our room and despite being sensible and for the most part not believing in that kind of thing I think my imagination would have gotten the better of me. The weirdest things were the digital clock which kept changing time (ie running fast by different amounts of time throughout the night) and Strummy who had strange barking fits at who knows what (he's usually pretty good in hotel rooms). One of the alleged ghosts is a dog that growls in one of the rooms though of course Strummy could have been barking at any number of things that we couldn't hear.

The woman who checked us in was the strangest of all and though she was very nice to us (she took 10% off the bill just for the heck of it as she put it) there was something odd about her. Funniest thing was when I asked her if the hotel had wifi she said, 'What's that?' When we explained it was computers and the internet she did the spirit hands thing and said 'Oh, the wifi's are there loose in the room. It's scary stuff I tell you.' We only saw her the day we checked in, a man was there the next day and a different younger woman was there the day we checked out. In retrospect I'm glad I never mentioned the first older woman to the other 2 clerks because I'm afraid they would have told me that she's been dead for 10 years or something.
Good thing they have a bordello along with their walk-in mine.

Jerome is full of a lot of this kind of thing, playing up the old naughty reputation of the town for the tourists.

There was a lot of this sort of thing too, bizarre unrelated objects in store fronts.

Granite Basin Recreational Area, Prescott National Forest

Lola attempting to give what for to a bee.

Sometimes it's tough coming from Colorado and trying to appreciate other areas. I'm incredibly spoiled with the trails I have within an hour's drive from home. I have to confess that I found the trail a bit disappointing. It was nice and there were some cool looking plants that we don't get back home and certainly it was better to be out hiking than to be home sitting at a desk at work but I couldn't shake the feeling that I have trails as nice and maybe even nicer that are 10-15 minutes away from my house. Maybe there are nicer areas but the woman at the Forest Service office specifically recommended this area. Tomorrow we were planning on going to another area that she recommended (Lynx Lake) but we'll see how it goes. Cody was dragging and looked really tired. It's possible it's because it got hot, we were only hiking for 1 1/2 hours or so with a break for lunch in there and back home he gets 1-1 1/2 hours of walking a day so I don't think we've been pushing him beyond his normal activity level. Hopefully it's just mental fatigue/heat because the traveling does wear him out. Tomorrow is a warm-up trial for Champs and he has only one run of standard but maybe I'll give him a rest day which means everyone gets a rest day because it's way too hot to leave him behind in the car. Or maybe we'll go early enough and go a very short easy walk when it's cooler and see how he goes. It's always a balancing act trying to give him enough exercise to keep him fit but not to overdo it. I suppose I have the same problem with myself as well.

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