Friday, October 17, 2008

Ah, the 70's

BBC America broadcasted a great show last year called 'Life on Mars' about a police detective who falls unconscious after an accident and wakes up in the 70's where he solves crimes and tries to figure out how to get back to the present day. Last night I was comatose on the couch after surviving a full masters swim workout and found that there's an American version of the show out just now. It was on one of the major networks running at the same time as ER. It's hard to watch the American version of shows after watching a full season of the British version (took me forever to get into the American version of 'The Office') because the characters seem all wrong and not as interesting somehow but it was still good, better than 90% of the drek on t.v. (how wrong can you go with Harvey Keitel as a crazy hard boiled 70's police detective?) though admittedly I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of it.

ANYway, they played the old 70's song 'Get Down' and I thought wow, that would be great background music for an agility video showing a bunch of downs on the table then Lola standing on the table and barking at me for the 'you're a bad dog baby' part of the lyric. But, uh, yeah, I've got time to put that together, I'll get right on it and in the end it would have been oh so hokey. Then I found this video on You Tube and realized I was 35 years too late. So here's a little Friday amusement for you. It's both funny and disturbing, just like the 70's. My favorite part is the dog at the beginning that says, 'Screw you guys, I'm outta here. I'll go sit in the corner for a few years and wait for the Ramones to invent punk rock'.


  1. If I was going to go to Nationals, those coordinating dresses and maribou vests would be EXACTLY what my DAM team would be wearing this year! Perfection! I am going to go out and practice weave poles right now in high sparkly platforms.

  2. That video made me wonder whatever happened to my platform sandals from the 70's. I think the front crosses would be the most problematic but one of those women managed a nice little hoppity grape viney move in them so I suppose it's possible.

    I would love one of those fuzzy jacket thingies for agility, very fashion forward (or backwards I guess).