Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween People

I love Halloween. Probably because I don't live in Chicago anymore. Halloween in Chicago, at least in my old neighborhood, not so much fun. But in Boulder it's pretty harmless and kind of fun as far as holidays go. My neighbors put up funny, creepy displays and the kids are entertaining and well mannered. I love passing out candy and the kids with the grossest, creepiest costumes get extras at my house. Sorry to the princesses, ballerinas, cowboys and Spidermans but Halloween is for the freaks, or at least it should be.

I've missed out on Halloween for the last 2 years because I've been at USDAA Nationals so this year I'm looking forward to it. Unfortunately for like the first time ever I tore into the candy before Halloween and now I have to buy more on my way home. I only ever get Reeses peanut butter cups on Halloween and I guess since I missed the last 2 years I was a bit overeager. Plus I think I'm losing all my impulse control in my old age.

With temps. in the 70's and Halloween falling on a Friday night and no school for the kids today I'm expecting a larger crowd than normal. Maybe I'll even get pranked again this year. We got pranked a few years ago and I had a good laugh. Here's the story below. It's a rerun for those readers from the old Training Peaks boards but I'm not sure how many if any are left so I'll post it anyway.


I have to confess I got pranked pretty good last night. We usually don’t get many trick or treaters, anywhere from half a dozen to none if the weather is bad, so I usually make a bit of a fuss over the few we do get. The weather was terrible last night, rain that turned to a heavy wet snow. The dogs loudly announced our first guest at 7:45 pm and it took a little time to usher them out of the room so I could open the door without terrifying anybody. I finally opened the door to a kid wearing a creepy costume that looked like a cross between a ghost and a scarecrow. The freaky thing about it was that there were no holes cut for the eyes, nose, mouth, the sheet went to the ground so you couldn’t see any feet, and the kid was wearing sunglasses. I was a bit taken aback but started apologizing for the delay and the dogs and making a fuss over the costume. The kid just stood there, absolutely no response. This started freaking me out a little so I threw some candy in his bag and shut the door, figuring some kids are just shy.

I settled back into the Vincent Price movie I had been watching and soon noticed that the freaky kid was still standing at the door. I tried to get my husband to do something about it but he just waved me off, telling me to ignore him & he’ll go away. Except he didn’t. I was really unnerved and finally got my husband to go to the door. Being Scottish his natural response was to hurl all kinds of sarcastic remarks at the kid. This had no effect so his next response was to steal the candy out of the kid’s bag. Still no response so he started to pretend to strangle the kid which knocked him over and revealed a suitcase and other props underneath. A bunch of teenagers emerged, laughing their asses off at us. I have to admit, it was a pretty good, creative prank, had me freaked out but was ultimately harmless. The teenagers had some pretty creative costumes too so I gave them a bunch of candy and they went on their way. I even felt bad that my husband had disheveled their dummy a bit. Gotta love those wacky Boulderites.

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