Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Night Masters

I was out of town at an agility trial this past weekend and I'll get to writing about that but I wanted to get this masters workout down while it was still fresh in my mind. Yes, I dragged my butt to masters the day after a tiring trial and let me tell you I needed a sprint workout like Prince needs Viagra but I gutted it out. I was dragging a bit and fighting the wall of the pool in the end lane again and still struggling with breathing to my off side and had no one to swim with in my lane and wah wah wah so my times weren't great but I suppose could have been worse.

North Boulder Rec. Center
Coach: Jane

Warm Up:
4x125 free on 2:30-2:40
1x100 non-free on 2:30
4x125 free on 2:30-2:40
1x1:00 non-free on 2:30

(my intervals were supposed to be 2:30 for the first set, 2:20 for the second set but I couldn’t hold them. I was swimming the 125’s on 2:25 or so)

Main Set:
1x50 free on 1:00
1x25 free on :30
do twice

1x50 free on :55
1x25 free on :40
do twice

1x50 free on :55
1x25 choice on :50
do twice

1x50 free on :55
1x25 choice on :60
do twice

12x25 on :40

The 50’s and 12 25’s were meant to be fast sprints and the single 25’s were recovery. I did the first 50 on :44 then most of the rest were on :50 with a :48 once or twice. The 12 25’s were on :22 or so.

Final Set:
3x100 free (pull w/ buoy & hand paddles) on 1:45

I was tired for these, did them on 1:35-1:40.

Cool down:
50 yards back stroke

Total yards: 2400 yards

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