Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I know where my stimulus check is going

I took all 3 dogs to the vet yesterday for heart worm tests, annual exams, vaccinations, 2 senior blood panels (Cody & Lola) and yikes that was a scary bill. I didn't even do all the vaccinations since Cody had a bad reaction last time so I skipped distemper/parvo/etc. and did just rabies and bordatella for Cody & Lola. I need to board them sometime this summer and it's required. Thankfully my vet is willing to overlook the distemper requirement if we board with her and she agreed the older dogs don't need that shot anyway. I got one for Strummer but since he's 3 that will probably be his last. Nobody better get sick or injured for the rest of the year.


  1. Roxanne11:35 AM

    Ooph. I've been there. Cha-ching! Now, I try to space out their visits, so it's not so much at once.

  2. I thought I was being clever-'Let's get it all over with at once and be done with it!'. Seemed like a plan until it came time for the bill, Doh.

  3. I had the same reaction when tika had a tooth pulled and I said we might as well do those xrays and other stuff while she's under, erg.

    I keep thinking about switching vets because I know that there are others less expensive and closer, but I like this vet and have been going there for many years and that's worth a lot, too.


  4. My vet is not the cheapest either but she's really good with the dogs, none of whom like to be handled, esp. by strangers and I've been going to her for a million years so she knows me and the dogs well. It's so hard to find a good vet, I'm going to be lost when she retires.