Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here's something they don't teach you in dog training class

This morning I got a laugh out of this post from Little Miss Runner Pants. This would make a great trick for clicker training though it might be hard to find someone to play the unsuspecting runner. You'd have to put it on a cue pretty darn quick too or things could get out of hand.

As long as I'm linking to other people's blogs here's one of been meaning to add for a while: Wide Lawns & Narrow Minds It's not about anything in particular but the author is a great writer and she has some hilarious stories. Sometimes she has me roaring with laughter, other times her stories are melancholy but always well written and worth the time to read them. Today she talks about her trip to see Barak Obama speak. If you want a good laugh go to the April archives from this year and read about her Passover experiences. My family is also Jewish so maybe this hit a little closer to home than it will for most people but she had me in tears and I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Plus anyone who shares my disgust of gefilte fish can't be half bad.

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  1. Roxanne12:25 PM

    That is funny. I hope she gets a date out of it. Maybe they'll see him again.