Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raucous Caucus?

Anybody out there ever been to a caucus? Apparently Colorado switched over to the caucus system for their presidential primaries back in 2000. I remember voting in an election style format in the 1990's for the primary but the switch in 2000 completely escaped my radar until now. I must have been expecting some notice about the primary election and never noticed that it never came and that I never had a chance to vote. I looked up some information about my neighborhood caucus and there's a half hour registration period then the caucus takes a whopping 2 hours before the final vote is decided. My first reaction is 'Are you kidding me??!! 2 hours?! To cast a vote for a single person?! Why???!!!' I'm not thrilled with either of my options for the Democrats and for the most part I'm of the opinion that it's six and half a dozen so do I really want to devote all that time for a single vote? On the other hand this could be entertaining. Anybody know exactly what goes on? Do people get crazy? Can I bribe people to lure me over to their side? If so, just how much can I expect to hold out for? My curiosity may get the better of me. What else have I got to do on a Tuesday night in the dead of winter?

In other news it appears I don't have enough fat on the bottom of my feet. I went to see a podiatrist yesterday and he informed me that I'm in the bottom 20th percentile for the amount of padding I have on the bottom of my feet. He also told me the pain I'm suffering is common in dancers. I pleaded that I have no sense of balance, coordination or rhythm so he must be mistaken but alas it appears that such things are irrelevant. He confiscated my orthotics to make some modifications and took some x-rays. Worst case scenario is that the bunion has pushed my sesmoid bones, which have already suffered and healed from some fracture I was unaware of in the past, out of their groove and the grinding of those misaligned bones is what's causing my pain. Surgery is really the only option in that case. Hopefully the x-rays will have better news and I can get away with the orthotics modifications for now. I really really really really do not want to deal with another orthopedic surgery and rehab. The only good thing that could come of it is that maybe while they're in there grinding away at my bones they could take some of the fat off my ass and put in on the bottom of my feet.


  1. I don't have any caucus advice for ya, but I did wanna wish you good luck with your orthotic issue (and I always find *feet fat* a more interesting discussion than politics any day!). tee hee!

    No seriously, good luck with your pain and I hope it all gets resolved soon!

    [perhaps you should re-title this post "Raucus Caucus and Feet Fat?" Why am I giving you word advice a lot recently?]


  2. Do they serve beer at caucuses?

    And you just made me glad to have feet fat. In fact, since high school people have kidded me about my "Fred Flintstone feet." They're big and square.

  3. roxanne9:18 AM

    I've not been to a caucus, but I have been to a state legislative candidate convention, where I believe there is similar wheeling and dealing.

    Since I'm registered as an independent, I don't get a primary/caucus vote, which is a bummer since in other states independents get a say.

    It might be funny.

    Sorry to hear about your unpadded feet. I'll hope for a non-surgical solution.

    A friend who had a "natural" form of reconstruction after mastectomy did indeed get to use some fat from her stomach to make new breasts. So, seriously, maybe it's an option. ;o)

  4. Where's McCoy with his tricorder when you really need it?