Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday From Cody Baloney

I treated myself to a new digital camera a few months ago and I haven't had much time to play around with it. I got sick of the delay between pressing the button and the shutter actually moving on my point and shoot and decided to splurge on a bottom of the line SLR type camera. The cost of the Canon Rebel that I bought was about half what it was lo the many years ago when I bought my point and shoot and in fact I think I spent maybe $100-$150 more on the fancy new camera than I did on my old one. All the reviews said to buy the lens separately because the one it comes with is crap but it was only an $85 savings for just a camera body and the lens they said to buy was a whopping $300 so I decided I'd play around with the 'crap' lens for awhile, at least until I learned how to use the darn thing. I took Cody out to the field at lunch to mess around with it and I got these 2 somewhat decent pictures out of maybe 20 or so. So far it's been fun, the shutter goes more or less when I press the button and I can zoom in and out by twisting the lens like on my old style 35mm film camera so I don't eat up the batteries and have to wait for the lens to zoom in electronically. Yeah, I'm easily placated I guess. Now if someone could just show us how to use the GPS thingy that Jonny got for free from his work I could be total techno geek.


  1. roxanne5:01 PM

    He is so handsome! And, how nice to see ground w/o snow. It's been a total blizzard up here today ... off and on.

    Congrats on the new camera. Since photography was part of my art minor in college (way back when), I too am tempted to get an SLR style digital, but I haven't forked out the $$$ yet.

    And, yes, I remember paying something like $500-600 for our first point-and-shoot digital from Cannon. When it died, we got something WAY nicer for like $200.

    I never thought I'd want a camera in my cell phone, but now with the blog, there are times I wish mine had one when Lilly and I are out and about.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree: What a handsome boy! That face, those ears. That's one happy looking dog.

  3. Yeah, Cody's my handsome boy alright. He's a complete freak but at least he has handsome going for him.

  4. Interesting how many agility people also seem to be into photography. Or maybe it's only the ones I talk to. Or blog with. :-)

    I have both a digital rebel, for "real" photography, and a pocket-sized point-and-shoot digital, for slumming around when I don't want the whole camera & lenses hanging around my neck/belt/shoulders.

    I have a 100-300 telephoto that I bought with my old canon Eos Elan SLR, and it seems to work fine with the new camera (plus the one that came with the rebel...28-65?, plus a 30-100...). But, man, have you seen the photos that Elite Forces of Fuzzy Destruction has been getting with her new lens? If it's really all the lens & not the photographer (which I'm somewhat skeptical of, but not entirely), I so really-o truly-o want that lens!


  5. Of course I'd love a nice lens but until some wealthy benefactor appears to buy me one I'm out of luck. One of the things that bugs me about photography is how much the equipment costs and how much the results depend on the expensive equipment. I wanted to take a class for fun when I was in college but I was putting myself through school and couldn't afford all the equipment and fees.

    One of these days I'll get a nicer, telephoto lens but I'm not willing to spend a grand or more on one.