Monday, January 07, 2008

Comet Gets A Home

I've been doing a wee bit of volunteer work for the local Border Collie Rescue group who are based in Wyoming since Colorado's group fell apart. I've been doing the occasional reference check and home visit when a local application comes up. This cute little BC mix is going to a family I just did the checks for and as it happens they live right across the street from my work so I'll be keeping my eye out for the little guy. The family has never had a dog before but they seemed very dedicated to raising a pup and excited about getting a dog so I feel confident things will work out. There are still loads of pups left (and more to come) if anyone local is looking for a dog - They also have a lot of nice full grown BC's.

In other news Cody's rear legs seem fine today. No shaking at all when he sits and he's moving nicely when he walks and trots (he was pacing yesterday on his cool down walk after his final run, something he rarely does). I'll give him a few more days rest then gradually start working on those rear legs. If only the trails would melt we could do some hiking but they're still too icy just now.

My foot was fine for the rest of the weekend, go figure. I'm still keeping my appointment with the podiatrist because I can tell things aren't quite right.

I finally have enough dry ground in my yard to work the weave poles but of course it's supposed to snow today. Only a few inches but still, I've had enough. I have to drive up to Winter Park tomorrow and the mountains have been getting slammed with a winter storm. Berthoud Pass, which is one of the worst roads in the state if not the country for avalanches, should be interesting. I'm tempted to go up early and take my skis for a quick workout but I'm sure I'll be too tired and cold after my inspections to even think about it. Spring is almost here, right?


  1. roxanne6:06 PM

    Well, Comet is a real cutie. Congrats on the placement.

    You'll have to email me privately and give me the scoop on the CO BC group. Lilly had help at one point from Rocky Mt BC Rescue before we adopted her. Is that the one you're talking about or another?

    I'm glad to hear that your foot and Cody's legs are OK.

    I interviewed a podiatrist a while back for a piece I did for the LA Times, and he told me about some great noninvasive treatments like therapeutic ultrasound that can really help break up scar tissue and lessen inflammation. I also second the idea from earlier about good orthotics might really help.

    Have a safe drive this week.

    I had a meeting in the Tech Ctr yesterday, and I drove home in a total blizzard on C-470 and then a icy bobsled run home up the canyon.

    Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.

  2. I don't know why Rocky Mtn. BC Rescue dissolved. I know Colleen moved to WY (she's not part of the WY group as far as I can tell and last I heard she was having trouble getting internet and/or email access) but I don't know what deal was with the other people involved.

    I have a good pair of custom orthotics and I think they've helped me dodge the bullet for about 7 years now. I'm hoping the podiatrist will have some non-invasive suggestions but we'll see. When the pain hits it's pretty bad so I'm not too hopeful.

  3. roxanne6:07 PM

    That's interesting about Rocky Mt BC Rescue. I know someone who was *very* active. I'll have to ask her and see what's what.

    There are *so* many BCs here that I can't imagine there NOT being an active group.

  4. OMG, a blonde BC mix! Three of my favorite factors for a dog! If Boost were 3 years older, I'd take that puppy in a minute.

    Oh, well. Something will come along when I'm ready.