Monday, June 27, 2005


We never thought it would ever turn out like this
Every once in a while I can't help feeling pissed
Some of the things that we stood for
Just don't matter anymore

And now the whole damn generation's going down the tubes
Say goodbye to your generation

-The Methadones, 'Say Goodbye'

Take those lyrics, smack them over some Ramonesy pop punk guitar riffs, pump your fist in the air and you've got an anti-anthem twist on one of the biggest 30 year old punk rock cliches this side of Stiff Little Fingers. And I unapologetically love every minute of it. Who needs an mp3 player? Every infectious melody and hook laden chorus is permanently burned in my brain and it replays over and over as I ride my bike over the weekend.

Say goodbye to your generation
I'm left wanting more than what we can do
Say goodbye to your generation
Soon to be forgotten for something new

Cruising along the bucolic path next to the South Boulder Creek with beautiful views all around, gorgeous wildflowers, baby prairie dogs playing, and a perfect sunny, blue sky Colorado day these lyrics border on the absurd. Yet 26 miles later they've worked their way under my skin and they're starting to itch.

The author/singer, Dan, is someone I knew in Chicago a long, LONG time ago, 15 years and several lifetimes ago. I'm not normally one to haunt people over the internet but when I discovered the Methadones a couple months ago I shot him off a quick email to an address listed on the band's website. I wasn't really expecting a reply and was doubtful he'd even remember me, I just wanted to give him some praise for his band and ask him to put me on a mailing list for future shows. I then completely forgot about it until several weeks later when I was pleasantly surprised with a reply. He'd been on tour when I'd written and apologized for the slow reply. He had in fact remembered me, though it had taken him a while, and he commented on how long it had been, 'Years. Fuck where did they go?'

Where indeed. I don't usually worry about it, I'm so busy with my hectic schedule I hardly know if I'm coming or going let alone how long it's been. However with time now on my hands his lyrics started to bother me a bit, that loss of community is a sad thing. I guess I just went through it a long time ago and moved on to a different community. A 40 year old at a triathlon or marathon is kind of cool, a 40 year old at a dog agility trial is a non-event but to many people a 30 year old, let alone a 40 year old, at a punk show is just plain sad. I don't agree and I'll keep going to see bands I like even if they have to wheel me in but I certainly don't feel any sense of community with the 16 year olds in the mosh pit. It was interesting to see someone stick with it so long and so passionately. Dan must be in his mid-30's right now and is easily one of the most talented musicians to ever come out of Chicago yet very few people have ever heard of him or his bands. It must be incredibly frustrating to watch all the young crappy, generic Blink 182/MTV type punk bands striking it rich practically overnight. With that sort of stubbornness and dedication he should take up some kind of endurance sport, he'd be a natural.

As for me, I just bought tickets to see Alkaline Trio, another punk rock band from Chicago made up of old farts. And if anyone gives me any crap, I'll toss my colostomy bag on them from my cushy seat in the balcony.

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