Monday, June 20, 2005

Hey Ho Let's Go

I'm finally back to some sort of a training routine though most of what I'm doing is rehabbing and rebuilding rather than actual training. I started riding my bike on the road at the urgings of my physical therapist. I rode for around 6-7 miles almost every day then a whopping 17 miles on Saturday. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't bring myself to turn around at a reasonable distance. That was probably a bit too ambitious of an increase but I felt fine on Sunday, just a little sorer than usual, though I was more sore after my daily strength training exercises. I hate doing those exercises, so boring, but they seem to be helping to I'm sticking with it.

I also went back to the pool on Thursday since my neck seems to be doing much better. I can finally turn my head to breathe properly and my stroke felt a lot better. There's still something not quite right, some muscles in my left shoulder/arm/neck area not working quite properly and it's throwing me off a bit but not too bad. The outdoor pool is glorious and it feels so good to be back in the water though it's boring swimming on my own. I'll try to go back to master's in another week or so and maybe go out to the Rez this week for some open water swimming. I managed 1000 yards on Thursday and 1200 yards on Sunday before I had to stop or die of boredom.

I've been walking nearly every day too, 1 1/2 to 2 miles. Sounds pathetic but I'm so happy to be out doing something, even if it is a slow meander around Wonderland Lake.

No agility training this week. The grass was too high in the yard and I just don't feel stable enough yet to go to the practice field, which is bumpy dirt. It's also too hot for the dogs to do too much. I usually tone down their training in the summer anyway.

The bathroom saga has turned into a nightmare. I now have a hole in my bathroom floor and some mysterious substance (is it mold, a spider colony, blown insulation? I'll take whatever's behind door number 3) growing underneath it. I'm going to hire someone to rip up the vinyl flooring and replace the rotting plywood but it'll take a week just to get the vinyl ordered, never mind the time for the labor. On a positive note I guess I did an o.k. job with the caulk, at least according to the handyman guy who came to look at the hole in the floor. This was something because believe me I'm no Bob Vila. Now if only I could learn to cook.

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  1. On the comeback trail (personally and bathroomally)! Good to hear you're semi-mobile.