Sunday, June 12, 2005

Home Improvement?

I'm finally to a point where I can walk around somewhat competently and almost turn my head 90 degrees without screaming which only means one thing-I'm starting to really get antsy hanging around the house. So I've been tackling the little projects around here that have been neglected for years while I was out having fun. I thought today would be simple, just putting new caulk in the bathroom. Everyone tells me this is no big deal, a 10 minute job. Except that the previous owner of this house used some kind of cement/epoxy mixture to grout the tub, there's actually tile all the way up to and on the ceiling, AND there's one of those stupid glass door enclosure things with even more grout. After several hours of two of us hacking away (where'd I put the jackhammer) and we still weren't even half done I decided to enlist the help of some chemicals. They're stewing away right now, hopefully in a few hours that stuff will just slide off like butter.

The house has been going into decline for quite some time now since I like to spend my weekends training and doing fun stuff. Between triathlon and dog agility, I'm lucky if I can just keep on top of the dog hair. I don't think there's been new paint or carpets in this place since 1986 and the situation with the moldy, crumbling caulk in the bathroom had really reached critical level. You know you're in trouble when you prefer to shower at the public rec. center because your own shower grosses you out too much. Yes, we live like pigs.

Though, while I draw the line at mold spores, I've made my peace with the dust bunnies and the salmon pink walls in the spare bedroom. I figure if I cover the walls with enough agility ribbons noone can see the hideous hue anyway. So the hundreds of dollars spent on trial entry fees are really saving me fees to a painter and lots of horrible paint fumes. Nobody wants to look back on their life and think 'Boy, my floors were clean. And you could eat off my toilet'. Of course you can't take this logic too far for obvious reasons but I've decided that's what injuries are for, to catch up on your housecleaning.

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