Sunday, June 26, 2005

Getting Better

This was a pretty good week, my neck feels better, my fractures are bothering me less. I'm up to walking 3 miles and managed 26 miles on the bike yesterday. Today was a 1 1/2 hour 'hike' in the woods with Jonny & the dogs in Fraser, outside of Winter Park. The trail is one of my favorite mountain biking trails, winding through the woods and following a creek and old logging flume remains. You pass through some meadows full of wildflowers and marshy ponds. One year I saw a mother and baby moose right off the trail, hanging out in a pond. They weren't the least bit bothered by me though I guess moose are extremely nearsighted so they probably didn't even know I was there-very cool. No moose today though. The part of the trail we hiked on was pretty flat, which was perfect for now. I'm not really cleared by the doctor to be hiking but I had to get out in the woods soon or I'd lose my mind and this trail was pretty tame. It was hard to watch other people biking on it but I'm just not ready for mountain biking yet. I've been riding my full suspension mountain bike on the paved bike paths and roads around Boulder which is kind of like taking a Hummer to the mall but I like the extra cushiness for now.

Back to the doctor on Tuesday, hopefully she'll tell me it's o.k. to expand my horizons a little bit.

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