Thursday, January 15, 2015

FRAC January USDAA Trial

Gotta love a USDAA trial 20 minutes from my house.  It was 3 days though and that's at least one too many for me.  But the plus side is that I got to spread out Strummer's runs so he was never doing too much in one day.

Very fun trial, laid back atmosphere and the judge was crazy efficient, the days moved along at a quick clip and we were done early all 3 days.  Great courses too, challenging, fun.  I'll share the course maps for those who want to play along.

Fancy Jumpers was one of my favorites.  Had one little blip of an off course at 9 (he took 10), took my eye off him for too long as I ran between the jumps to get into position for a front cross after 8.  Shouldn't have run so far, should have stopped earlier and re-connected a little quicker.  Otherwise a great run.  I'll post video below the course maps.

Master Challenge Standard

Steeplechase Round 1

Masters Standard, Pairs, Jumpers and Steeplechase Finals

Masters Standard, Gamblers, Snooker, Grand Prix

So glad I didn't sign up for Gamblers.  Had a much better morning sleeping in and making a nice breakfast than I would have had trying to attempt that gamble.  Not many people got it.

Here's the video.

Friday - Masters Challenge Standard and Jumpers and Steeplchase Round 1

Saturday - Masters Standard, Steeplechase Finals, Jumpers (day is labeled wrong in the video)

Sunday - Masters Standard, Grand Prix

Strum hit a lot of dogwalks this weekend and got some weave pole entries.  Don't think he had any teeter calls, missed an A-frame or two.  Overall I was happy with his obstacle performance, could be better but seemed like he was doing better than he normally does.  Most of the errors were timing issues on my part or losing too much connection.  I like working on handling but not obstacle training mostly because I don't have easy access to obstacles any more.  The field where I've always done my training has become so busy at the times I try to go, I haven't been there in eons.  At the trial a woman told me she's moving just 15 minutes or so away from me and that when she moves in I can use her place anytime I want, I can just drop by which is an amazing generous offer.  We'll see how that works out.

Next USDAA trial is in March and I'm still waffling about whether or not to enter and if so which days.  There's always a snowstorm that weekend and the trial site is just over an hour's drive so I end up either not going and eating my entry fee or having to pony up money for a hotel room.  Plus there's so much construction on the drive there and I have to go through the entire length of Denver.  Not feeling the love at the moment but we'll see.

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