Thursday, January 08, 2015

Fashion Maven

Never a dull moment when you have a Strummer in the house.  Last night I turned around and spotted him sporting my purse.  I guess he's secure in his manhood.

I'm not sure where the purse was or how (or why) he managed to get it around his neck but it's one more thing I'll have to keep an eye on because he could easily strangle himself.  I'm amazed he's made it to nearly 10 without requiring surgery or some other medical intervention.  Keeping this dog safe and alive has not been an easy task.

I'm going to see a Functional Movement Specialist later today to see if she can help me with my running for both agility and triathlon.  I've been working my way through 'Ready to Run' and it's been interesting but also challenging because I have no idea if I'm doing the mobility exercises properly or if I've diagnosed my issues properly so that I'm focusing on the right exercises.  I'm to a point where I feel like I need someone who knows what they're doing to watch what I'm doing, assess what my specific issues are and tell me exactly what I need to work on.  Should be interesting, stay tuned.

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