Monday, January 26, 2015

Feels Like Spring

We usually get a few warm dry days in January and this year is no exception.  T-shirt weather for our hike at Hall Ranch yesterday.

Trails were muddy in places but that just added to the fun.  No dogs allowed at Hall but sometimes it's nice to have a carefree hike without having to worry about crazy dogs.  It also makes for a less crowded trail.

Strum goes with most of the time so I don't feel bad about leaving him behind once in a while.  And he had a walk/hike before we went so he wasn't completely neglected.

In other news we have a serial killer in our neighborhood.  Jonny and I have come across three separate deer kills between us in the past few weeks.  Probably a mountain lion but could be coyotes.  The city removed an huge prairie dog town on the open space where there are lots of coyotes and they could be desperate for other food sources.  Whatever it is is killing at night when I'm seldom out so I'm not too worried but maybe it's time to get the BAU involved.

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