Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Boulder Valley Fun in the Sun

Another day in the 70's and the Boulder Valley Trails are finally dry except for a wee bit of ice on Ice Hill.  So I dusted off the bike and hit the dirt.  I feel lucky to have these trails so close by.

I always love this view, so bucolic.

It's hard to see the prairie dogs in this photo but the trail goes right through a dog town and it makes me happy to hear their chirping.  City of Boulder got rid of the dog town by my house because the prairie dogs were getting down into the park next to the open space and hell hath no fury like a soccer mom worried that her prodigy will twist an ankle.  Never mind that the park was never meant to be used for soccer, it was supposed to be a buffer between the open space and the neighborhoods.  But in the land of rich people and politics the prairie dogs don't stand a chance.

Though one of the crazy buggers nearly took both of us out by running across the trail practically under my wheel.  Still not sure how I missed him.

Boulder Rez

Felt so good to be out on the trails on my bike.  I was even overheating at one point, I'm not acclimated to 70 degrees but it felt good to be sweating in the sun in nearly February.  One other bonus was that I was able to ride some of the little singletrack trails that are off the main path.  I don't go on those in the summer because of rattlesnakes.  I couldn't help watching out for snakes, had to keep reminding myself that they're enjoying their winter slumber.

Got home to a sassy Miss Lola.  She had some words for me.

And then she had a quick power nap.  Because that's how it goes when you're old.

She sprang back to life quickly enough when I busted out the goat leg bones from the farmer's market.  Love to see happy, peaceful dogs gnawing away in the sun.

Snow is supposed to return on Friday but this little break has been a special treat.  Love those little windows of warmth that we get in Colorado in winter.

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