Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kangooing Is Not A Crime

Yesterday's Kangoo Class was all kinds of excitement.  We sometimes have class on the tennis courts of our instructor's townhouse/condo community and usually my worst fear about this is that someone on the heavily traveled bike path will stop and take video and the atrocity of my attempts at 'dancing' in cumbersome bouncy boots will become the next YouTube sensation.  However we do occasionally have the problem of some angry, balding middle aged guy, Mr. Enforcer, stomping over to inform us that we cannot be on the tennis courts in our bouncy boots.  The instructor explains that the boots are designed to be used on hardwood floors which are much more fragile than tennis courts and she can provide the documentation if necessary.  I've been going out there for nearly a year now and I haven't seen any effects from our bouncy shoes on the oh so precious tennis court surface.  Anyway, the angry man usually ends up stomping off and leaving us in peace.

Except yesterday's angry middle aged man was not to be placated.  When first lumbered over with his obese Basset Hound and loudly demanded we vacate the courts I bounced off away from him and let the instructor deal with it.  I'm not a fan of conflict or angry middle aged men with wheezy Basset Hounds, especially early in the morning, and it's not for me to interfere anyway.  But this time she tells us we'll have to leave, he's on the HOA board and he's threatening to call the cops.  At which point I realized that it's a good idea I bounced away while she was talking to him because if I had heard that I would have burst out laughing right in his red, power mad face.  Oh what I would give to hear a recording of that conversation with the cops.  Unfortunately, the people who want to be on HOA boards are the very people who absolutely should not be on HOA boards.

If it was up to me I would have told the sad little man where to go and carried on with class.  Because I promise you, the Boulder cops are not going to show up to haul away a few women wearing bouncy boots on private tennis courts.  And on the odd chance that they do, it will be after they've stopped for lattes and breakfast bagels and hassled some homeless people and shot an elk and Kangoo class will be long over.  But I don't have to live under the HOA jackboot of angry middle aged Basset Hound man so I kept my yap shut and we moved to a different location and I avoided getting dragged away, bouncy boots and all, into the paddy wagon while yelling, 'Kangooing is not a crime' and singing, 'Know Your Rights'.  Now that would make a great YouTube moment.

I love Boulder for its beautiful scenery and access to the mountains but nothing can beat the entertainment provided by the sad folks who don't realize how good they have it living the life in the bubble.

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  1. Too funny. I hate assholes like that...ruining everyone else's fun for no reason.