Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

2012 was a good year as far as goals went and in general.  The main triathlon and agility goals were Xterra Nationals and USDAA Nationals and I managed to qualify for and compete in both.  Given all that can go wrong, sometimes simply making it to the starting line is a huge accomplishment and making it to the starting line of two major national events in the same week felt like a big deal in and of itself.

Random photo from yesterday's backyard shenanigans.  The snow can melt any time now, really, I won't mind.


My favorite accomplishments of the year though had to do with work.  Over the course of the year I helped someone get over a 30 year old fear of heights and return to hiking, biking, driving in the steep Colorado mountains with no fear.  I helped a bunch of people quit smoking and develop healthy relationships with food.  One of my clients had an autoimmune disease go into remission and another had an infection heal enough that the doctors stopped talking about amputating just as a side effect of sessions unrelated to the medical issues.  I helped an artist with a project that ended up getting displayed in galleries in NY and LA.  I helped a cheerleader get over hear fear of back flips after an injury.  I've seen some amazing stuff in my office over the past year and I imagine I'll see even more this year.  I also moved from a shared office space to a space all my own just 2 miles from my house and so far I love it, the best business decision of the year. 


This was my first year competing in 4 races during the season and then a national event.  It was a learning experience, hard and grueling at times but I'm glad I did it.  Nationals in Utah was an amazing experience, probably the nicest race course I've ever been on.

Xterra Curt Gowdy with its long, difficult, technical bike course was another big deal for me.  I've never competed on a course like that and it was a huge accomplishment for me, getting over those fears and building my technical skills.  Technical riding still isn't my favorite thing but it's nice to know I have it in me to handle it if I have to.

I got a lot braver with the large mass swim start by the end of the season.  It's a nice feeling to know I can handle that too.


Strummer's big accomplishment this year was qualifying for and competing at USDAA Nationals.  So proud of how he handled the challenges of that trial environment.  He freaked out a bit at feedback from the loudspeakers a couple of times while warming up and at times seemed a bit overwhelmed but once he stepped in the ring he put on his game face and did an awesome job, running with speed and focus and joy. 

I had a lot of fun too, way more than I thought I would.  I was even o.k. with having only 3 days to recover from Xterra Nats.  Though I don't recommend trying that at home.

Looking forward to 2013 but that's another post.


  1. Congratulations on a great year! Can't wait to see what you have on tap for 2013...

  2. Wow, sounds like a pretty memorable year in a lot of ways. The work stuff alone is pretty darn cool -- must be really satisfying work! Bridges shmidges, eh?

  3. Those are all amazing achievements. Sounds like you made the right career choice even though it was so different from what you'd been doing. Yeah!