Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun With Threadles

I managed to pick up a head cold at the trial over the weekend, so many people coughing and sneezing and the cold temperatures, it was hard to avoid.  At first I thought it was just dust in my lungs and sinuses but by Tuesday I realized that it was a cold.  It's been years since I've had one, not so much fun but at least it wasn't the dreaded norovirus, ie stomach flu, that's been going around.  In any case, not much triathlon training going on this week despite the wondrously warm 50 degree days though I did make it to Kangoos this morning.  I think I managed to bounce out the last of the congestion so hopefully should be good to go for the weekend.

I did get an agility practice in yesterday.  My training partner set up a truly evil but fun international course.  Very challenging when your brain is already foggy.  Here's a video of the course map and someone else doing the course.

And here's someone with crazy mad distance skilz doing the same course and proving that you don't need to be young, fit and fast to kick butt on those challenging international courses.

I lost Strum to the tunnel/weave discrimination a couple of times but we got it eventually.  He did surprisingly well on the rest of the course though we did it in bits and pieces at first and not nearly as nicely as those ladies in the videos.

We did a second, shorter exercise on the same course but I don't have the map for it.  Seems you could do all sorts of stuff with that set up if you were so inclined.  By the end of the practice session the threadles seemed like the easiest of the challenges out there.  There was a threadle in one of the Masters Standard classes at the trial last weekend and people were doing some interesting things to handle it.  The course is going to be set up at the training field this weekend so I'm going to make an effort to get out there and try it.  It looked like fun, except for a dogwalk/tunnel challenge.  But I need to get out there and practice some dogwalks.  Strummer's been doing awesome with them lately but still, we had trouble with a turn this past weekend and it's been months since I've touched a dogwalk outside of competition.

So glad to be done with the week of temps. in the teens and single digits.  Ugh, that was not fun.  Bring on the warm and sunny this weekend.  Can't wait to get back outside and into action.  No more lazing about.


  1. Oh Lola!!

    Holy mackerel, those are some crazy handling challenges. I am so out of the loop in agility stuff these days and it sounds like courses and handling styles are changing rapidly, very exciting but a bit daunting for whenever I get back in the game!

    LOVED that video with the distance handling, very cool.

  2. Jeez, this week I sound like you sounded for this post--at agility trial last weekend, monday late in the day nose started running and I thought probably a big allergy attack, but by tuesday it was clear that I had a cold. I had one in December, too--and, like you, i hardly ever get them any more, so it's been kind of weird. Glad that you were over yours quickly.

    Love the closing photo.

  3. I still had a small amount of gunk dripping into my throat 6 weeks later. Finally busted out the Neti pot and just a few cleanings did the trick.

  4. I restarted nasal rinses friday. Never liked water up my nose. But it does help for a couple of hours and it should help more over time.