Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Stupid smart phone decided to launch a protest called Occupy My Weekend but after much googling and driving around town to find good cell service and way too much time on the phone dealing with the Sprint Airave which is my least favorite electronic gizmo ever I finally got it working.  Except for the iFarts.  On the first morning I started hearing them at 5:20 a.m.  An urgent sounding beep accompanied by a vibration noise.  Every few minutes.  Like an irritating toddler demanding attention.  I figured out it was the email alert which I thought I had already turned off but somehow not quite.  So I turned it off again but only succeeded in getting the beeps to stop.  The thing was still vibrating at every email.  Tiny little iFarts telling me every time Living Social has a special on colonics or somebody has an incredible investment deal for me if only I'll send them the password to my back account.  iPhone is not smart enough to understand that I don't need to know about this stuff at 5:20 on Sunday morning.  Or ever.  I was starting to worry about developing Phantom Ring/Vibrate Syndrome where you think you hear the phone vibrating/ringing but it's not. 

But with a little more googling I finally figured out how to stop the iFarting without turning off all the vibrating.  Now if only I could figure out how to make it vibrate enough to give me a massage.

I experimented a little bit with the camera and so far I'm unimpressed.  The sales guy was going on about how awesome it is and took a picture to show me and of course it was blurry.  I took this over the weekend and I think I'll stick with my cheapo point and shoot.

However the video camera looks promising, might be better than the Flip anyway.  I want to start doing videos for my business website and I was thinking I might have to splurge on a better video camera but maybe this will do the trick.  Unfortunately I don't see how to attach it to a tripod but maybe the engineer in me can figure something out.

USDAA trial this weekend and until yesterday Strum hadn't had any practice since the DOCNA trial 6 weeks ago.  I lost my indoor training partner to her former partner who came back from an injury and we've had snow on the ground since X-mas and temps. in the 20's so we ended up with an unplanned break.  Felt so good to practice yesterday though.  Strum got some tricky weave pole entries and I had a chance to shake the cobwebs out of my handling.  I love practice, didn't realize how much I missed it and I feel a lot better about the trial.  I'd like to pick up some more Advanced legs and get into Masters so we can enter the Masters Challenge classes.  Wish they'd let any level enter them like they used to.  They're so unpopular, you'd think they'd want to attract as many people as possible.  Ah well, I guess that's motivation to get into Masters.


  1. As of Jan 2, Masters Challenge classes are open to all dogs, regardless of level. Still need to have the Masters Std/Jumpers itles in order to earn Masters Challenge titles, but the Q's will wait there until the dog is qualified to earn those titles.

    Masters Challenge classes are now one of the ways to become qualified for a new Cynosport tournament - Handlers Challenge Biathlon is the USDAA announcement from Jan 3, 2013

  2. Hooray!!! Next USDAA trial is offering Masters Challenge and I'll enter it for sure. Well, provided they don't charge Tournament prices, not sure how that works since it's qualification for Nat's. I don't care about titles and I'm not going to Nationals, I just like International Style courses but not enough to pay Tournament prices.

  3. I checked a couple of premiums for other clubs offering the Masters Challenge classes and they're charging the same as for a regular titling class so it looks like USDAA isn't taking that hefty cut that they take on Grand Prix/Steeplechase, so, double Hooray! Can't wait for the March trial.

  4. Is that photo with the phone or the point and shoot? It looks pretty good to me.

  5. The photo is with the phone. If you click on it and look at the bigger version it doesn't look as good as the photos with the point and shoot. At least I don't like them as well. And I don't think it can zoom but I guess I don't know for sure, that will require more googling because there's no obvious zoom. But I guess it's better than nothing if I happen to see something good and I don't have the point and shoot on me.

  6. Also, this was the best of the photos I took. There were others that were worse for no reason that I could tell. Lighting was good, I had the focus square thingy on the dog, etc.

  7. I did look at the larger version and it still looked pretty good.

    Meanwhile, from my photography club: "For those who are into iPhonography:
    There's a 10% discount available through Zenfolio."

    Seems to me to defeat the purpose of having a go-anywhere, fit-in-pocket iphone, but whatever.

  8. Thanks for the link. Those lenses are expensive though, some are close to the cost of my point and shoot, and I can't imagine a scenario where I'd carry them around ahead of time rather than take one of my regular cameras. I think the phone will be o.k. if I see something cool and it's all I have but I can't imagine taking it on a hike or bike ride.

    The photos from the iPhone look grainy to me and the edges are kind of weird, blurry or something. Like the image of the dog was cut from somewhere else and placed in the photo. I'll play around with it some more just so I know how to use it if I run across something good.

  9. I think the picture looks great. Here is a link to an Iphone stand for video.

    I dont have an iphone but my friend does. He uses this to video.

    When ever I cant figure out how to do something on my phone, I just type it in google. And then someone in the internet tells me how to do it. LOL works great.

  10. Thanks for the link to the tripod thingy. I'll have to check again but I think I have to shoot video with the camera vertical (ie portrait mode) or it comes out sideways. Or maybe that's vice versa. Anyway, I googled it and it looks like it's a major production to get the video the right way if it's shot sideways, another fun feature of iPhone genius. I did find a portrait tripod thingy on Amazon so now I just have to figure out which I need. I think my Flip camera is on its last legs so I'll have to figure out something or get a new video camera.