Monday, May 28, 2012

Secret Ned

Took Strummer up to the hills above Nederland for his first high country hike of the season.  It was another perfect blue sky Colorado day.

Was also a great day for Pine Cone Fetch.

Or for regular old Stick Fetch if you were lucky enough to persuade an aging human type to bend their aching back over to pick up your stick.  For the millionth time.

You can show your appreciation by pinning your ears back and tearing down the trail.

We didn't see a single soul on our secret unmarked trail, so quiet and peaceful.  Except for the crazy dog running around in fits of joy and crazy.  Wish I had gotten that on video.  But maybe you get the general idea.

Always remember to take time to chew the sticks.

A rare photo of both of us, thanks to the pine cone Jonny was distracting him with.  He always looks so pissed off when you make him pose for photos.  I feel his pain, I'm the same way.

View from the trails at Mud Lake which had some people on them but were also pretty quiet.

Long, steep bike ride up the School Bus trail in West Mag yesterday.  I normally don't attempt that until mid-summer but I grunted up it o.k.  The trail is outside the closure zone for West Mag and there is a secret back way in but the Forest Service could decide to close it at any time so I wanted to get one last ride in before they close it for the summer on Friday.  I took a few 'before' pictures of the West Mag trailheads.  They aren't terribly interesting now but it'll be nice to have them to compare to the 'after' photos, ie after the Forest 'Service' clear cuts the area.  Many sad/angry people on the trail yesterday, a mother with several kids joking about chaining herself to a tree and the like.  Somehow I feel like we should have been kicking up a fuss about this but it's too late now.  Ah well, will have to explore some other areas this summer, maybe even drive somewhere.


  1. Such a well-worn trail to be empty of other people! A treasure indeed. I'm looking forward (?) to the "after" photos of the area with morbid fascination.

  2. The area in these photos isn't under the chopping block thankfully. I didn't post the West Mag 'before' photos because they aren't too interesting. Probably should have taken a lot more but I wanted to ride without too many stops.