Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flowers at Hall

Finally got in a good bike ride today up at Hall Ranch.  Felt wonderful to be back on the bike.

Cacti are blooming.

And here are a couple of Yuccas thinking about it.

Trail was relatively quiet for a Saturday thanks to the holiday.  Lots of Boulderites skip town during holidays so it's nice and peaceful for those who stay behind.

I was only about 4-5 minutes faster over 12.4 miles than I was on the same trail 2 months ago but I felt more confident and was able to ride more stuff both on the way up and down.  Still, wish I could see more improvement on my time.

Was hoping to go up to Wyoming tomorrow to pre-ride the Curt Gowdy course for my upcoming triathlon but they're predicting 30 mph winds and I don't want to ride in that nor drive up on the Interstate in that wind.  That highway is already terrifying enough with the semi's on a good day.  So I'll have to wait 2 more weeks unless I go up  mid-week on my own or deal with holiday traffic on Monday, neither of which is tempting.  On the other hand the 40 mph winds that were predicted for Boulder today never materialized.  Hopefully they'll stay away tomorrow as well and I can get one ride in up at West Mag before they close it after Memorial Day.  Forest Service is hacking down huge portions of the forest supposedly in the name of fire mitigation and getting ahead of the pine beetles.  But I don't understand the logic of chopping down all the healthy trees just so the beetles don't get them.  Then again I'm not a government bureaucrat.  Sadly  no-one can ride there all summer and when it finally does re-open it will look and feel totally different.  Don't know where I'm going to ride on a regular basis this summer, not many/any comparable trails only 40 minutes from my house.  Have to get up there sometime this weekend for one last hurrah.

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