Friday, May 11, 2012

Field of Stuff

Finally getting around to posting the rest of the pictures from our little stop in Masonville.  Across the street from the Masonville Mercantile is a big field of Stuff.

You can walk around and take photos and admire the stuff but leave your dog in the car.

Except for this guy, he's allowed.

The site is a memorial to the owner's mother and sister.

It's a puzzling collection of stuff and there was even more than what's shown in these photos but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Cowboys and cannons and Bighorn Sheep and a church all in one.

I probably should have posed as the cowboy, a much more accurate portrayal of my regular garb.

Supposedly this is the tractor used in the old Green Acres t.v. show.

Jonny happened to spot this faint claim to fame on the left rear fender.  Don't know how he ever noticed it.

It doesn't seem to match the tractor used in clips from the show but it does look like the one used in the opening credits.

Now you can enjoy that fantastic earworm for the rest of the day.  I always thought Eva Gabor should move back to NYC, get a job and tell bumbling old Eddie Albert where to shove it but I guess those were different times.  Also if it was me I'd much rather live in the country than NYC though not with Eddie Albert.  I wonder how much influence this show had on my long held life goal to be self sufficient and never have to rely on a man?

Until next time.

I'm supposed to go to an agility trial tomorrow, a long anticipated chance to get some more Q's for USDAA Nationals but of course after maybe 1 or 2 days of rain in the past 3 months and sunshine and temperatures 20-30 degrees above normal it's supposed to be in the 50's and rain tomorrow.  All day.  50 degrees plus rain is a good recipe for hypothermia and injured dogs so we'll see how tomorrow pans out.  Could be a better day for warm cups of tea on the couch and brunch w/ Jonny.


  1. That is quite the field of stuff. Some neat stuff too.

    Good luck with the trial tomorrow. Katrina is also entered - I had decided not to enter that one since I had two others picked out for May already.
    Maybe it wont rain until later in the day, maybe.

  2. So cool -- thanks for sharing.

    Hope the rain held off for you at the trial.

  3. Weather turned out perfect, cool and cloudy but no rain and not unbearably cold, perfect for the dogs. Hoping for more of the same tomorrow but at least we had all the Nat's. qualifiers today and Strum did pick up a Steeplechase Q with a really fun run so I was happy we went. Probably best not to speak of Grand Prix (only 2 dogs in the whole masters championship class, all heights, qualified).

  4. Thanks for the tour. I always used to want to have collections of random cool stuff like that, but now I'm getting more and more content to let someone else have it.

    Congrats on the steeplechase! Hate when the Q rate is so low on something you really want, like the GP.