Friday, November 11, 2011

Sundogs and Strumdogs at Walker Ranch

Jonny had the day off so we went for a hike at Walker Ranch.  Normally it's a popular mountain biking trail but there was still some snow and ice on the shady parts of the trail and we didn't see a single biker or hardly any people for that matter.  We were greeted at the trail head by some spectacular sundogs.

One of these days I'll figure out how to photograph them.  My cheapo point and shoot was struggling.

We took Strummer along but sometimes I wonder how much he enjoys hiking with the both of us.  If we drift too far apart he breaks out in stress dander.  Other things cause it too while we're hiking though I could only guess at what.  He's such a worrier sometimes.

But he's not like that the whole hike and I'm sure he enjoys it for the most part.

Throw the pine cone and all will be o.k.

We hiked for 2.6 miles to an upper parking lot that had a nice viewpoint then called it a day and headed back.

It's times like this I really wish I had Photoshop.  Or some dog pants.

South Boulder Creek

Another sundog at the end of our hike.  Had a beautiful photo of it next to a peak but it didn't come out at all, was just a white blob so this will have to do.

Tomorrow I have agility practice in the a.m. with my training partner then a swim meet in the afternoon.  I only agreed to the swim meet because of peer pressure and the gathering at Southern Sun afterwards.  Because apparently I'll suffer any indignity for an avocado veggie burger and fries with my masters lane mates.

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  1. Dog pants?

    Here's a fun post about photographing sundogs:

    I've never even tried. Probably don't see them often enough.