Thursday, November 24, 2011

My dog ate my Chocolate Crack Pie Recipe

StrumMER!  This is a common refrain at my house.

It wouldn't be the holidays without Chocolate Crack Pie and it's also one of the very few things I can make that people like.  In fact Jonny went riding with someone yesterday who asked him if I would be making Chocolate Crack Pie this year.  So when a friend invited us over for Thanksgiving I said I would bring it even though she didn't request dessert.  Because you can never have too many desserts and if I make the pie for everybody I can have a piece and not have a whole pie sitting around my house for weeks, er, days, er, maybe 2 days if we're lucky.

I made the pie part yesterday because it needs to congeal in the fridge and left the recipe sitting out for today so I could make the mascarpone whipped cream topping.  Unfortunately I had drizzled melted butter on it because I'm kind of, well, very messy when I cook.  And that Strummer, he doesn't miss a trick and even though I'm careful not to leave food on the counter it never crossed my mind that a piece of paper drizzled with butter was a delicacy if you're a goat of a Border Collie.  He was careful to eat only the part that had butter on it but this was not helpful to me.

I thought that maybe this would be the last ever Chocolate Crack Pie.  I scoured my hard drive for the recipe to no avail.  I had to dig out the external hard drive for my old computers and dig through various file directory systems until I finally found it, of course in the very last possible location.  Naughty naughty dog, always causing me so much extra work.

I denies it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Hopefully your dogs aren't as naughty as mine.

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