Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You gotta laugh

Because really what else can you do except watch your head explode?  There's some profanity in this (and some bad words ; )  ) so maybe you don't want to watch it at work.

Didn't Margaret Thatcher privatize BP back in the 80's or thereabouts?  In any case it's been a pretty evil company for a long time before the oil spill.  Maybe we can plug the leak with Thatcher.  And throw Sarah Palin down there for good measure.


  1. It is true that I'm not mad enough to stop driving my car, and I was thinking exactly that yesterday while out driving my car and listening to the news (with ongoing and growing horror) about the current state of the oil leak. What am I doing to stop making that necessary? I don't really know that I am. I work from home, so I don't commute, but if I had to commute, I'd probably drive my car because the mass transit options around here aren't the best (she says politely).