Monday, June 07, 2010

West Mag

Some photos from my first ride of the season in the mountains a week ago.  I had to work this past weekend and likely will have to work at least the next 2 weekends but I'm going to have to sneak in a half day off somewhere.  Hard to pass up the opportunity to work though since who knows when it'll arise again.

Some views of the Continental Divide.

Aspens are still to get their leaves.

They re-routed, or rather re-rooted as the sign said, a trail called the Root Canal trail because apparently it was going over private property and unfortunately 'they' are a sadistic group because the trail is now an annoying tight twisty pain in the ass excursion with lots of traps and off course opportunities and no chance of ever getting up any speed at risk of falling victim to the aforementioned off courses and getting whistled out of the ring (ie a ride on the Flight for Life helicopter).  My legs were tired from the 2 days of being on my feet at the agility trial and I was tired from the traveling and not sleeping well in the hotel so I was cranky for the first half hour or so until we finally got off the Root Canal trail and onto more familiar ground and my brain relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief.  Like going from AKC to DOCNA I imagine.  Anyway, it was still a beautiful ride in the mountains despite the rocky start.  Hopefully I'll be able to sneak away for a ride at some point in the next 2 weeks.

No agility practice, poor dogs are having to survive on leash walks and my own triathlon training is being neglected.  Had to skip a fun match this past weekend that would have been a helpful opportunity for working on weave pole issues but oh well.  I signed up for the off-road triathlon in Lory State Park again at the end of August and I'm hoping it won't be a disaster since training has been sparse these past few weeks.  Again, keeping the lights on more of a priority at the moment.  Hopefully at some point I'll have a summer but for now must get back to the grind.


  1. Yes. Keep those lights on. Glad to hear you're finding time for some outings and not just work all the time.

  2. Glad you're getting work; that must be a relief even if you're missing some weekend opportunities. Love the analogy of akc/docna for the trails.