Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heckuva week

In short, woke up Sat. morning to an unstable knee, probably the partially torn meniscus has flipped over, happens sometimes for no apparent reason but hasn't happened for ages, maybe more than a year.  Limping around, can barely walk dogs but manage a bike ride on Sunday. 

Take Lola in for her chiropractor appointment on Monday, doc sees my knee brace and wants to know why so I tell him my tale of woe.  He's also a people chiropractor too and a few jerks and pulls on my leg and voila I can walk again.  Amazing.  And he doesn't even charge me.  I can hardly believe any of it.  Wake up Tuesday morning and my knee is perfect.

Go for a bike ride last night with some friends on a trail that's not very hard, ridden it a zillion times with no problem.  Friend of a friend of Jonny's-a 70 year old mountain biker that's visiting from England-rode the trail over the weekend, went over the handlebars, landed in a pile of unconscious and blood and just had serious neck surgery to fuse his vertebrae together or something.  Going to get sent back to England in a Lear jet with a medical team on board because he's so unstable.  He has really really good insurance.  Anyway, he crashed on a part of the trail that I'm not even riding last night but somehow before I knew this I'd convinced myself he'd crashed on a part of the trail I was riding.  So coming down it I'm freaking myself out and telling myself don't be an idiot, worrying about crashing will surely make you crash.  I finally stop worrying and then I crash, about 2 minutes from the trail head at the end of the ride.  I was trying to scramble out of the way to avoid some women coming uphill while coming around a turn and my wheels skidded out from under me.  Not a serious crash by any means, just a stupid slip on some loose dry trail but of course I land on my right knee right on the part that's always sore where the meniscus is screwed up.  Huge swelling bleeding welt on my knee and it hurts to walk and I've somehow also managed to hurt my left pinkie/palm.  Nothing broken but it hurts to move it.  I don't tell my friends, I'm too embarrassed at my idiocy.

Strummer has forgotten how to weave then sort of remembered, we'll see how he does at the trial this weekend.  I hate being unprepared, have only practiced at the field once since the trial last Memorial Day.

And to top it all off I killed a baby prairie dog on my way home from the Rez this morning.  Sucks Sucks Sucks!  There was an oncoming car so I couldn't swerve to avoid him and as an added gruesome bonus that car also killed the baby prairie dog on his side of the road.  I see them both squished in my rear view mirror and my stomach turns over a million times.  I guess the carrion eating birds will have a nice breakfast.

Lots of ice and compression in my future and we'll see if I can run that crazy dog on Saturday.  Swimming helped my leg somehow, I hobbled down to the beach barely able to put weight on it and walked back up the hill to my car without even thinking about it.  If I can't run by Saturday I may enter a swimming race at the Rez that my masters group is sponsoring.  Or maybe hide in the house with all the blinds drawn and my feet up and hope that nothing else happens.


  1. Sorry about your friend. What a horrible thing to have happen. Good luck this weekend in whatever you end up doing.

  2. Ouch that is some awful luck. Hope you are well enough to come to Black Forest for the trial this weekend. Rip is returning to competition after almost 3 months off for contact training (I dont count our DOCNA being home field advantage and all).
    Stay away from ladders and mirrors!

  3. I hope your friend is ok. I know you are going to laugh but maybe you should rest your knee if it hurts to walk. Good luck with what ever you decided to do. Diana

  4. Yeah, rest, I don't do rest very well.

    Knee is better today, I'll ice it some more and try running in the backyard at lunch time but unless I have a major set back I'm planning on going. I wrestled the wire crate and EZ Up into the car already and once I do that there's no turning back.

    I forgot to mention the sprained ankle from 2 weeks ago but that's finally healed more or less so I'd forgotten about it but that was another reason why I've not been able to take Strum to the training field. Tomorrow should be interesting. At least it's only one day and mostly baby dog classes.

  5. Oh wow, you've got to be kidding... hope things settle down.