Friday, March 19, 2010

What was that I was saying about spring again?

I think maybe I was hallucinating.

Was I really complaining about the 70 degree weather?  Really?

Cody sez let me the hell inside woman, this is madness out here.  And get me some hot cocoa.  Now.

I'm pretty sure if the snow comes up to your stomach it's o.k. to skip the weave pole practice for today.  We did manage a single practice yesterday with the poles at normal distance and it went well.

Somebody was an awesome boy at his agility lesson last night.

Somebody turned 5 this month and received the gift of a brain.  Maybe.  I hope.  We haven't had a lesson with Joy since I think last November or December but the little crazy man did some wonderful stuff out there.  Nice collection on his call to heels and even sent a good long distance to a tunnel with the entrance perpendicular to his line of sight which has always been challenging for him.  Lots of nice focus and control and not so much running amok.  I'm still rushing things at times when I need to hold back or hold my ground but I felt a lot calmer than I normally do.  I think that Mary Ellen Barry/Jenn Crank seminar helped so much as did that Stacy Peardot workshop.

Best of all though he was relatively calm while the other dogs ran and while I walked the courses and talked to Joy.  He even kept his sit-stay while another dog chased his ball right next to him.  He thought about breaking, I could tell, but he didn't and he got lotsa treats for that.  The guy I split my lesson with noticed a change in him too.  Or maybe he was just having a good day.  Today he was inside the house barking his fool head off while I was shoveling snow completely out of sight.  Such a noisy little dork.

Will I ever see my contact trainer again?

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  1. I love the photo of the statue with the snow and Cody with the ear up! Someone they are fantastically complementary!

    Um--is the statue wearing a scarf?!