Saturday, March 06, 2010

Happy Dogs

This video made me smile.  I saw it on the One Bark at a Time blog but since that's a rescue blog maybe some of the agility folk reading here missed it.

It's suddenly spring outside, sunny blue skies, high 50's-shorts weather, at least for running.  Took Strum for a run on the trails and was nearly weeping with joy at the dryness of them.  Seems like I've been slipping around on the ice and mucking through the mud for months now.  I'm not sure if I will ever get the mud out of my mud room.  We did a little fartlek-joring, ie some sprinting then recovering then sprinting again.  I love fartlek runs, they were my favorite type of workout when I was on the track/cross country teams.  So much more fun than intervals on the track.

I'm making a rare foray to the actual in the flesh movie theater tonight to see 'Alice in Wonderland'.  I love Tim Burton and Jonny Depp and 'Alice in Wonderland' is one of my favorite books so I'm supposing I can't go too far wrong here.  I'm not going for the 3-D version though, somehow I think it'll creep me out.  Maybe we'll go for dinner too.  A night out on the town-shocking.


  1. I've seen this commercial on TV a few times and it always makes me stop and look!

    I just heard about that Alice in Wonderland movie today...I'm pretty behind, haha. Have fun!

  2. Spring coming is sometimes like a watching a miracle occur right before one's eyes. No wonder so many peoples have big spring celebrations. Sometimes seems winter will never end.

    I'm seeing mixed reviews on wonderland. The previews I've seen made me skeptical about the whole thing. Will be interesting to hear your view, although maybe i'll be seeing it tomorrow moring anyway. This one wasn't actually filmed in 3-D, just "enhanced" somehow, so taking a pass on 3-d on this one seems reasonable.

  3. Shouldn't there be a bumper sticker or t-shirt that says, "Happiness is a dry trail!"
    Its really nice not having to bathe one's dogs after every run. Which is a very good reason to have smooth-coated dogs.

  4. There's a reason for all those smooth coated dogs I have. My previous dog was a 100 lb Akita and I cried the entire month of May when he blew his winter coat. I hate grooming and so far no one's needed a bath despite the mud but Strummer is getting close to needing one.

    Movie was o.k., I'll post a review later when I have time.

  5. Yeah, I'm usually behind on knowing about movies as well but my husband has been excited about this for months and wouldn't let me forget about it.