Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs of spring

Today I saw not one but three drunk homeless guys with no shirt.  All in different locations.  O.k., maybe one of them wasn't homeless or maybe even drunk but he could have passed for both and he was wearing a pair of ill-fitting red, white and blue/stars and stripes shorts.  Or maybe more like some kind of stars & stripes material fashioned like a too loose diaper.  Which should count for something though I'm not exactly sure what.  But if all of that isn't a sure sign of spring then I don't know what is.

I sneaked out for short bike ride on the trails today in the 70 degrees sunny day.  Sort of too hot but also sort of felt good to feel too hot.  I've still got an ice floe in my backyard that somehow won't melt even in 70 degree heat.  All those poor polar bears that are missing their sea ice, maybe someone can send them to my backyard, there's plenty to go around.


  1. Weds weather was indeed amazing. We still have plenty of snow/ice here too, though. Ick.

    I just mucked out the dog pen the best I could, before more snow tonight/tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that foot of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow let me tell you.