Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why do you mock me oh weather man?

Does this look like 1"-3" of snow to you?

That's what I was supposed to wake up to.  Tell that to my back after I shovelled 7"-8" off my driveway.  Then another 1" or so an hour later.  And it's still coming down.  Now normally I'd be all 'Yay!  Let's break out the skis and go to North Boulder Park and maybe try skijoring and break my neck.'  But I have to drive to the airport today to pick up my mom who cut her vacation in southern Arizona short to come visit me and who also probably doesn't share my enthusiasm for the snow or the skijoring or the 18 degree temperatures.  Normal high for Boulder this time of year?  50 degrees.  But we had high 60's last week so now I guess we're evening out that average.  Just wish my mom didn't have to suffer through it since we also had an arctic front move through last time she was here.

Snowy dog portraits


I'm going through a 'dog catching ball' phase at the moment

Or  'dog shaking ball' as the case may be

Strummer is taken aback by Lola's embarassing snow mustache

Big Mouth strikes again


  1. Waah! Sorry about the snow and yet another miserable airport drive, but I love the photos. Your camera is SO much better at mine for action shots, and the mustache one nearly made me spit water on my screen. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Wow, nice pics and to be honest im from Fla im 35 and have never seen snow, but it looks beautiful but i hear its just nice when its coming down, Thinking of visiting Colorado sometime in Feb, hopefully I'll catch some snow

  3. If you come to Colorado in February and go up into the mountains you'll see plenty of snow for sure. Definitely a contrast from Florida.

    Drive to the airport was no problem once I got out of Boulder. Apparently we were in some black hole of snow receival or something.