Sunday, December 06, 2009

I have to drive to the airport so that means it must be snowing again

My luck in this department is uncanny.  Fortunately my mom was o.k. with taking the bus to the airport because this time the roads looked snowpacked and icy the whole way.  It's an hour to the airport on a good day and I wasn't thrilled with the idea of maybe 4 hours of driving to get there and back.  As it was it took me 25 minutes to do what is normally a 15 minute drive to the bus station.

It was fun to have her here but we spent way too much time in stores rather than the mountains but the weather was not cooperating and nobody felt like driving through the snow and ice to go somewhere colder.

When the temps. go into the teens the dogs start having trouble with their feet freezing up so walking is a challenge.  Strummer will wear his booties but he walks funny in them and I worry about walking him too far and getting an overuse injury due to his funny stride.  Cody is a big baby about walking in them and sometimes freezes on the spot and refuses to move.  Lola's are off her feet before we even get out the door.  They need coats as well, especially Strummer because he has pretty much no body fat or undercoat.

Strummer looking spiff in his fancypants coat and booties.

They're fine running around playing in the yard because they can build up enough body heat to keep warm but the slower leash walks are another story.

If I have to suffer the indignity of these clothes we get to play, right?

Cody sez no boots for me

Who's going to win this contest?

The smart money's on...

But every once in a while the underdog prevails

With more snow and cold temps. predicted I won't be able to do any outdoor training so I may try to hit up some of the indoor run-through places this week.  I need to work on training stuff rather than running courses but not much I can do about it.  On the plus side the nordic trails at the park near my house should be good for skiing next week.  Time to wax up the skis and put the contact trainer to rest.

I think my plank/table set-up is somewhere in there


  1. Strummer has the same dog coat my dogs have! I love these coats! (It has to be REALLY cold before I put mine on my dogs.)

  2. Yeah, it was really cold, 14 degrees and I don't know what the wind chill was but the poor guy was cold walking even with all the clothes.

    I like the coat too because Strum is a low rider and gets all kinds of mud/snow/ice stuck on his stomach and that coat keeps his undercarriage clean.

  3. I need to get some booties. We've been under about 5 degrees for days now, and the pups clearly get sore feet, even if they run out for a quick pee.

    Tom says you can get bags of them on eBay, so we might try that.

    I also need to find some better coats/sweaters. It's harder to find them in big-dog sizes.

    Hope you guys are staying warm. It's already well below zero here.

  4. It's cold tonight but not as bad as you guys have it. Supposed to go up to 20 tomorrow, a veritable heat wave.