Friday, December 18, 2009

The Rez

It's warm enough for a trip to the Rez so I take the Trouble Twins for a nice jaunt this morning.  They need to run their monkeys out and I need to not run my monkeys out.  Head is still clogged with a cold and I'm feeling bleh.  It's a huge luxury to be able to go to the Rez mid-morning when the sun is warm and bright and the morning chill is long gone.  I soak it in and enjoy it while I can.  The dogs are so happy to be free to run, ears back and tongues hanging out, after a week of booties and coats and short leash walks in the arctic blast.  They start out with a ball each but soon someone loses theirs so they trade the other one back and forth, one teasing and taunting the other with the prize then giving it up so they can have a turn at chasing.  The Rez is frozen so I can't throw the ball for them since I can't use the water as a buffer for them screeching to a halt so they run and play and amuse themselves while I walk along enjoying their energy and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

The Rez is frozen but melting and the sound of the ice creaking and groaning is eerie.  It sounds sort of like the noises that whales make, not at all the way you'd expect it to sound.  The dogs are alarmed by it initially but they're soon distracted by more imortant things.  I spot a bald eagle at the top of a tree along the beach as we head back to the car.  I'm able to walk right next to the tree and other than giving me a quick sideways glance he's not bothered.  It would be a beautiful photo, his white head against the bright blue sky and I'm so close but of course I don't have my camera.  I guess I'll have to go back tomorrow.  I know a couple of fuzzy, waggy tailed souls who might be persuaded to join me.

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  1. Nice nice nice. Fun to have the photos, too. They look like happy happy beasts.