Saturday, December 12, 2009

Adventures In Baking

Mmmm, don't they look good?  It's a little recipe I like to call 'Leprosy Cookies', thus named by Jonny who claims this is what cookies would look like if they could get leprosy  Believe it or not they look worse in person.  I'm not sure what went wrong but I'm supposing it had something to do with the baking soda expiring last month.  You would think, one lousy month, surely it doesn't matter.  Or maybe I needed to make some adjustment for the altitude.  Or maybe it's because I took Physics in high school instead of Home Economics.  I remember the Physics lab was right next to the Home Ec lab and I'd come out of class with equations whirling and scrambling in my head while the Cookie Queens came out of class with delicious smelling treats.  Somehow it seemed like a defining moment for me as the Cookie Queens looked at me like, 'Physics? Really?' and I looked at them like, 'Cookies?  Really?'.  The Physics Nerds vs the Cookie Queens, sounds like the stuff of a t.v. afternoon special.

I remember my good friend, also a Physics Nerd, and me trying to make Peanut Butter cookies when we were in high school with even worse results and I'll just bet it was down to the baking soda.  But I guess we'll never know because of the Physics Nerd thing.  As I recall none of our joint culinary projects, of which there weren't many, ended well.  I don't think even the possums would eat the results out of the trash.

Usually I'm o.k. with baking, everything all measured out and precise-easy peasy.  It's not like chocolate chip cookies are rocket science.  But I'm afraid even the Ghirardelli chocolate chips couldn't save these puppies.
Oh well, they're bad for me anyway, right?  I guess we'll find out just how tough the neighborhood raccoons are.


  1. They do look um...a bit odd.

  2. OK, looks aren't important; it's how they taste and whether you like the texture. They look like they'd be chewy, and I happen to like chewy cookies. One of our favorite family stories is when my youngest sister made brownies and they fell (baking wise, I mean, for whatever reason) and looked kind of like these cookies, and she came out of the kitchen crying "my brownies are a failure!". We comforted her and tried eating them anyway, and danged if they weren't the best brownies ever--the thick chewy middle was much better than they way they were "supposed" to be, all cake-like. So we asked for years for her to bake her chocolate failures again.

  3. Oh, yeah, on the other side, my best friend and I experimented with cooking when we were in high school. We still joke about the "omelet soup". We threw that out and had sandwiches or something.

  4. The texture was special and not in a good way. They were good right out of the oven because how wrong can you go with warm melty Ghirardelli chocolate chips? But once they cooled, er congealed, they were unappetizing all the way around and I'll eat just about anything with chocolate in it. We didn't even bother to try to compost them, they're going straight to the landfill if the raccoons turn their noses up at them.