Saturday, January 31, 2009

This will learn me to clean out my photo folders

Tagged twice in 2 days for silly internet games, how fun. Team Small Dog has commissioned me to post the 5th photo from my 5th folder of photos. Unfortunately this is what came up: If you click on the photo so it's bigger and squint really hard maybe you can see the hawk taking off from the tree. It's from one of the trails/roads near or around the Boulder Reservoir. I probably should have cheated and picked a more interesting photo, it's not like you're going to know. Rather than spend time and money on photography classes or say reading the camera's user manual to figure out how it works I go out there and start pushing buttons and messing around reasoning that at some point I'll figure it out. As a result I get a lot of folders full of experiments. Every once in a while I set about deleting them but what happens is I sit down at the computer and then I smell smoke coming from the kitchen and while I'm dousing the fire I notice it's awfully quiet which can only mean that someone fuzzy is getting into mischief then someone else fuzzy starts bark screaming at who knows what then I notice all the fuzz on the carpet and go looking for the vacuum cleaner which happens to be next to a pile of laundry I've been meaning to do for 3 days now and then the sun comes out and I have to go for a bike ride and next thing I know it's 8:30 p.m. and I'm sprawled on the couch alseep in a pile of drool. In the grand scheme of things this is not a problem until someone tags you for internet games and the shame of your poor computer housekeeping is brought to light.

The one cool thing about this little exercise is that I discovered a video clip I didn't know I had in the folder. It's from an Alkaline Trio concert nearly 3 years ago. I was trying to take photos at the show and a woman told me that they'd come out better if I turned the flash off. Yeah, like I know how to turn the flash off. I was pushing buttons and flipping through menus and somehow must have shot some video. Major punk rock points to anyone who can name that tune from the 4 seconds of footage. Even Jonny can't figure it out and he has every last one of their songs tattooed in his brain.

Maybe I can have do-overs on the photo thing? If I pick the 4th photo in the 4th folder I get a nice pic of Strummy at the Boulder Rez:
No I'm not tired. Throw it again!

Or if we go to the 5th photo, 5th folder of 2008 after I got my nicer camera we get a photo of my gimpy foot pre-surgery. Which reminds me, I never posted a post-surgery photo of new and improved bionic foot with the badass scar. I promise to get to that because I know you're all just dying to see it.

I feel bad about giving you homework on the weekend so I won't tag anyone directly but if you feel like playing go right ahead.

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  1. Thanks for about 30 good laughs just from this post. Always a pleasure to visit here. My 5th folder has actually only one photo in it, so I'm going to have to make up my own rules again. Maybe 4th in 4th. Maybe 5th in 5th subfolder in 1st folder. we'll see--