Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eldora, Baby

The weather and snow report promised perfect conditions up at Eldora-32 degrees, sunny, 15 mph winds (this is great for Eldora) and 7-8" of new snow. Ha. Quite a different story when we got there-23 degrees by the clock in Nederland and 15 mph winds my ass. More like 25-30 at least and any new snow was long blown away to Kansas. There was a huge squall of blowing snow outside the warming shed where you buy your trail pass. But I figured it would be fine once we got in the woods and it was. The winds died down towards the end of our trek and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Trails were a bit icy in places, especially on the steep downhills but we managed no problem. A few years ago such trail conditions would have stricken terror into my heart but I guess my skiing skills have improved to the point where I'm no longer petrified. One of these years they'll get up to the level of competent but for now I'll settle for not petrified.

We were only out for 1 hour, 10 minutes because we knew we'd be sore the next day no matter what. Cross country skiing uses lots of muscles that have been sleeping all summer. My knee was complaining on my 2 mile dog walk this morning but was fine while I was skiing and seems o.k. tonight. The skiing motion seemed to be good therapy for my foot, I'll have to try to get up there more often. So expensive though, they're up to $19 for a lousy trail pass.

On the way home I stopped for a photo of the lake I swam in for the triathlon I did up at Eldora 2 summers ago. Whenever you tell someone local that you swam in that lake for a triathlon they shiver and look incredulous and this is why. It looked even worse on the way up when the wind was howling and sheets of snow were blowing across it and the road which is the view most people think of when they think of that lake.

Another shot looking the other way toward the ski resort.

And in summer.


  1. I'm getting the chills just looking at the pictures and thinking about swimming there. Or skiing, for that matter.

  2. A fleecy top and windproof vest, maybe even some hand warmers and you don't even notice the cold. Eldora is hilly and climbing in the snow is hard work, you build up body heat pretty quickly.