Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things or Something

Somebody in Facebook finally tagged me for this. Took so long to type, may as well put it here too. I'm probably the last person left to do this like I was the last person ever to see the original Star Wars in the theater. Yes, I am that old. Oooh, can that go on my list? Are you all sick of this game already? Would it be more fun if I made up half the things on my list and let you guess which were true?

1. Dogs. Yes. I have lots of dogs. Mostly crazy, like to bark a lot. If you come to my house you will leave covered in dog hair and maybe even some slobber and possibly with less of your hearing because of all the barking.

2. No the dogs are not a substitute for kids. I have no kids but that's because I had other stuff I wanted to do with my life. Plus I get to spend all my money on agility competitions and fancy mountain bikes instead of college tuition.

3. 25 things is a lot. I'm stuck already.

4. I've been a vegetarian for around 24 of my 44 years. I'm trying to reintroduce some humanely raised, organic, free range, hand fed by monks in some isolated mountain range animal products back into my life. So far it's not going well. Meat is murder, or something. Protein is overrated.

5. Are we done yet?

6. I nearly drowned in Lake Michigan when I was a teenager. I did not see a Bright Light or have any amazing last minute revelations. Just thought, 'Oh well', then my boyfriend pulled me out of the undertow.

7. I started running when I was 12 and ran my first marathon when I was 18. A guy had a heart attack and died at the halfway point. I saw him being loaded onto the ambulance. He was a doctor/cardiac specialist I think and an experienced runner. The marathon was called the 'Heart Marathon' and was a benefit for the American Heart Association. I didn't run another marathon for 16 years.

8. I ran what was probably my last marathon a few years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland.

9. Henry Rollins and the rest of Black Flag stayed at my house back in the 80's. I didn't think much of him before I met him and thought even less of him after. Greg Ginn stayed up until the wee hours playing guitar though so that made up for it.

10. I can touch my tongue to my nose and when I was a little kid I was convinced I was going to make a fortune with this talent when I grew up. Things did not work out quite as planned.

11. My family had Kerry Blue Terriers when I was a kid growing up. My first dog as an adult was a 6 year old Akita rescued from the Boulder Humane Society. His name was Roscoe and he lived to be 13. He was supposed to be my husband's dog but in the end he chose me for his #1 buddy. Now I have a herd of crazy herding dogs and mixes thereof.

12. In my 20's I was engaged to a guy who played drums in a band called 'Impulse Manslaughter'. I lived with him for nearly 3 years then left him before we got married for my current husband who I'd known for maybe 3 weeks. It was a hard thing for me to do but my husband and I have been married 18 years now and jilted fiancee ended up married with a kid so all turned out for the best.

13. I don't like Mondays.

14. I believe what I believe in.

15. I went through WAY too many cans of Aquanet and tubs of Depp in the 80's.

16. I have lots of fancy pieces of paper that say I'm smart and stuff. They cost me a lot of time and money to get. I'm not sure if they're right or not but for now I'm going with it.

17. My dogs have lots of fancy pieces of paper too that say they're smart and stuff. They have more pieces of paper than me so they must be smarter.

18. I love math and science and numbers and stuff.

19. I sang in a punk rock band when I was in college. Probably the less said about that the better.

20. I am fashionally challenged. I'm amazed every day that goes by that the 'What Not to Wear' people have not tracked me down.

21. Writing is not my strong point. See #20 above.

22. Wow, I'm almost to 25.

23. I like chocolate. A lot. This explains the triathlon/running obsession.

24. I have 5 bikes and 3 pairs of running shoes.

25. Is it the weekend yet?


  1. I'm impressed with the 5 bikes. I have 3 bikes and 3 dogs. My husband has 3 bikes, but those don't count as mine, of course.

  2. I need to get rid of 1 or 2 bikes. I have an old Klein mountain bike from back when they were hand made. I don't ride it anymore but it's a classic and I have an unhealthy attachment to it and can't part with it. We shared some good times that bike and I.

    I have an old Cannondale mountain bike that's too big for me but I can't get a reasonable amount of money for it so I've hung onto it. One of these days I'll donate it or put it up on E-bay.

    My husband has 3 bikes as well. Our garage looks like a bike shop.

  3. Scotland is the only foreign country I have been too (I don't count Canada or Mexico really, they're attached). Had a big project over in Glasgow and made the trip to Edinburg to check out the castle and sights. A very cool place. Hope you had a great time running around it!

  4. Neat, through the 25 things thing I found out that two of my favourite dog bloggers are fellow veggies. Anyway, thanks for the entertaining read.

  5. My husband is from Glasgow so I've been there and to Edinburgh many times. We even went bike camping in the northern Highlands. Never EVER again. I should have put that on my list.

    The marathon was beautiful, my favorite by far. I have photos posted somewhere, I'll have a look for the link and maybe even repost my old race report which isn't on this blog.

  6. Wow that is cool the hubby is from Glasgow. One memory I have from there is going into the office of this company we were working with and everyone was smoking at their desks. This was circa 1990 so maybe things are different now - just not something I ever saw in the US.

    Scotland sure was beautiful with all its green but the clouds and persistent rain was a bit depressing. At least I got to be there for the 3 weeks of summer!

  7. You experienced 3 full weeks of summer in Scotland? Must have been a freak thing. It is beautiful but the weather is atrocious. Especially if you're camping in it. And then there are the midgies. There is a reason we ended up in Boulder and not Glasgow.

    Shockingly enough the whole country is now non-smoking, even in bars and people are going along with it for the most part. Even in Glasgow. Never thought I'd see that day.