Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Table Photos

Cody could maybe use some shorts in this shot.

Lola chilling out on the table. See, she can do the table just fine as long as there aren't crowds of people watching her. Notice how Strummer imitates the pose of the other dog. He's such a little freak.

Yeah I know, not the best photos, kinda dark but I snapped these in a rush before leaving for work. Agility class tonight means it'll be dark or close to it when I get home.

I still have some touch up painting to do and it would look more impressive if I was using the longer table legs but that's the height I need right now for running contact practice and it's a bitch to get those PVC legs out of the fittings. I tried some baby powder because 'when in doubt use baby powder' is what I say but I'm not sure how much it'll help, especially after the dogs start flying on and off it for a million and one reps and pound those legs in good and proper. I'm thinking now that butter might have been a better choice. Or maybe not. I have legs for a 12", 16" and 20" table and plenty of PVC left for more legs if I need to go to 2" increments. I may also make some PVC supports for the plank as it gets taller but maybe it won't be necessary. Now to get back to training.


  1. Nice table. I am impressed.


  2. Thanks, I didn't think it was so bad for a first effort. Dogs had some big fun playing on it this a.m. so it was worth it.

  3. Great table, nice job! And thanks for all the tips.

    Woofs, Johann