Sunday, September 28, 2008

Snot or lung butter?

How about both? I managed to catch Jonny's super fun illness and spent Friday expelling a fair amount of both. I found out that's it's possible to sneeze and cough simultaneously and repeatedly. Thankfully today is better, still hacking stuff up but not nearly as much and not simultaneously. Should be able to hike tomorrow, maybe even taste food again soon.

USDAA trial this morning in Albuquerque, just Standard and Snooker. Unfortunately Cody didn't pick up any Q's. Snooker was especially a heart breaker. He was the last dog to run of the 16" and 22" dogs and I knew that all we had to do was make it through the course I had planned and we'd get a Super Q, only had to do one set of weaves in the opening too, totally doable. Silly boy had one of his flaky moments and wandered off to make up his own course. I held it together until the closing then he went off again to take an off course jump. Also had a most bizarre run by in his standard run then had table issues again. I got him into a down then ran out of the ring to reward. Lola also had a bizarre moment in her standard run, came out of a tunnel then turned around and went right back in. I don't think I could have gotten her to do that if I tried. Then she flat out refused to lay down on the table so we left the ring. We've been practicing fast happy tables in the backyard on an almost daily basis but of course the trial is not the same. She had a great snooker run though and got a Q. I ran her off the course after the #6 obstacle, no point in making her do more weave poles which were #7 of course and she has all her Super Q's but had I run her through the weaves she would have had a Super Q.

We made it to Flagstaff by dinner time. Thankfully that's the bulk of the driving done. Our hotel is near the Northern University of AZ campus so we stretched our legs and had a nice tour of the campus. Cody strutted about like he was Big Man on Campus while Strummy flirted with all the co-eds. Lola thinks that actually Skateboaring is a Crime thank you very much and had some words for the skateboarders. Plus lots of rolling around in the ample amounts of nice lush grass.

Hopefully I'll have some photos of the San Francisco mountains tomorrow.


'How right you are dear Paul
That we hear of famous people's deaths
while on vacation'
-Algebra Suicide

A celebrity dies every single time I go on vacation. Last year was George Carlin, this year Paul Newman. A few years ago we skipped celebrity deaths and had Hurricane Katrina instead. I can't remember the rest but the list is long and impressive. Maybe I should send a warning to Hollywood before I leave for vacation from now on.


  1. Your vacation plans sound great. All that hiking. Hope the weather is decent for you, and that the coughing/sneezing crud clears up quickly. Bummer about no Qs over the weekend. I know what it's like to just want to finish something up before there's a huge gap and all of a sudden it seems like it's a year later. Good luck anyway at the DOCNA champs.


  2. Oh, wow! I'm congested, sneezing, snotting, grumpy and have a sort throat! I started feeling sick yesterday and now I'm deeply in the throws of it all! DID YOU GIVE IT TO ME WHEN I SAW YOU IN ALB???? ;-) Just kidding. I guess I won't blame you, but I bet I can blame Trial Crud!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sorry, I was just sharing the love.