Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I took my very first walk today and my dog of choice was the worst possible one but Jonny had already left with the other 2 for morning walkies so it was Lola or nothing. I took her to work with me and on the way in we stopped at the Rez to run out some of her monkeys. Then on my lunch hour I managed to gimp my way out to the field, maybe 1/4-1/2 a mile from my desk. It's amazing how uptight you become about 'No you may not pull me' when you're injured. Lola's heeling was hardly stellar but I did manage the short gimp without incident. Cody is usually my go to guy for coming back from injury. He doesn't pull, in fact you have to pull him because all he wants to do is stop every couple of feet and perform forensics on every piece of foliage he can get his nose on. One time when I was coming back from stomach flu I took him on a walk and decided I wouldn't move him along at all, we'd go totally at his pace just to see what would happen. It took us around 40 minutes to go half a mile. Running with him is a nuisance because he's always slamming on the brakes to smell something and I have to cajole and sometimes even pull to get him moving along again. Anyway, Lola and I made it to the field without injury to me and she was rewarded with a nice game of Chuck-It with the tennis ball. I hate playing ball with her, it's so bad for her, but there isn't much else I can do with her just now so I tried to make it as safe as possible and kept the session very short (5 minutes or so).

I had a nice obedience dog heeling on the way back to the office. Walking nicely is suddenly an easy thing for her when she's leaving the field, funny how that works. Foot feels fine, hopefully by next week I can go back to working on Strummy's jumping and weave poles. No running of course but he's not at the point with the jumping that I need to be running anyway.

The PT did give me some hope that maybe I can enter a triathlon in August. I was looking at the website for the off road one I did last August and was so bummed about not being able to do it so I asked her about it and she said no problem but I'm still a little skeptical. She's a mountain biker and does plenty of hiking & skiing though and she's familiar with the area where the race is so I suppose she knows what she's talking about. She had me on the stationary bike for 10 minutes of light spinning and it was no problem so I may attempt a little ride this weekend. She said I can hit the novice level trails in May and the harder trails in June so maybe an August tri isn't totally out of the question. This is so much more hopeful than what the doctor had originally told me so we'll see.


  1. Oh man, "gimpjoring", now there's one dogsport I'd be okay with not getting a chance to try.

    Yesterday while I was waiting for the bus, a man in a wheelchair went by. On his left side was an aussie mix, on his right side a great dane: both a picture of heeling perfection.

    I feel like such a flunkie with my two leash-pulling dogs... and misery loves company so I have to admit it's reassuring to hear about you with Lola and Ellen with Tika. :^)

  2. I was amazed at the number of dogs pulling their owners around on leash at USDAA Nationals, top professional handlers as well.