Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bono is a wanker

I think it all started with me being pissed off about Earth Day hoopla. Millionaire bloated celebrities telling me to turn my heat down and put on a sweater while they jet around the planet between their multiple mega-mansions while the earth goes down in flames. Somehow this put me in mind of Bono & Africa. I think the thing with Bono is that you either think he’s a saint or a wanker and until today I fell in the minority camp of yeah he’s probably a wanker but I really don’t give a crap can we please talk about something else? If you’ve ever gotten caught between people from opposite camps having an argument about it you know what I mean. First you want to laugh because it’s so damn stupid but the thing is it never ends, just gets more & more heated as each side digs in until you want to poke hot pokers in your eyes. Same thing for Bob Geldof (yeah, he’s a wanker too).

Today I found out just how much of wanker he really is (oh there's more, so much more, but all you have to do is google 'Bono' and 'wanker' and you can see for yourself) and I probably should just leave it alone, take a deep breath and step away from the blog because I’m supposing most of you fall into the camp of I really don’t give a crap, can we please talk about something else? Isn’t this supposed to be about dogs and maybe swimming/biking/running? Yes, you’re right so I won’t go into a big rant. But yeesh, I’m really fed up with mega-rich celebrities trying to inflict their guilt over their outrageously lavish lifestyles onto the rest of us. Happy Freakin' Earth Day. I'll be in a better mood tomorrow I promise.

(Bonus points to anyone who can calculate the carbon footprint of Bono's hat.)


  1. Roxanne12:09 PM

    Considering I sat in my CPA's office about a month ago and cried when I got our 2007 tax news, I've got to say this makes me crabby.

    Being married, without children, and self-employed means we get slammed with taxes ... losing at least 30% right off the top.

    We are NOT rich people, but you'd think we were if you saw how much we pay in tax.

    Last week, we sent off 2 big checks ... one for the rest of 2007, and another for estimated taxes for 1st quarter 2008.

  2. I feel your pain. We also suffer under the marriage penalty-married, no kids (why can't I deduct the dogs? I sure spend enough on them). We got slammed this year too.

    I hate it that the ultra rich have so many tax shelters. I especially hate it when someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars is so keen to spend everyone else's tax money but refuses to pay taxes himself. He bullies the Irish govt. to send more tax money to Africa but won't pay taxes in Ireland even though taxes there are relatively low. Meanwhile he gains attention and publicity for himself and his crappy band making himself even more money while shedding crocodile tears for Africa and assauging his conscience over his outrageously consumpitve lifestyle (again, sounds like Bob Geldof in the 80's, 20 years later he's a multi-millionaire and Africa is even more screwed). Sorry, I promised I wouldn't rant but there you go.