Friday, April 08, 2005

Head Over Heels

Or is that heels over head? In any case, at agility practice on Weds. I was running backward while looking at Lola, trying too keep her attention on me while we ran across the field. I backed smack into a jump and landed on my ass, feet up in the air. I felt o.k. at the time but now my low back, which is already a source of problems and pain, is sore. To make it worse I had to crawl around a construction site yesterday to do a framing inspection. I had to crawl though tiny holes in concrete walls to access crawlspace areas then stoop and crawl through the crawlspace, under heating ducts, etc. I also had to climb a few tall ladders. I hate site visits. I had to drive over 250 miles, up in the mountains past Vail and I didn't even really get to enjoy it because I was stuck on the job site. Beautiful views from this rich guy's future mansion though. The guy's a doctor which goes a long way toward explaining why health care costs so much. This house and land are costing him in the millions. It's a gated community with hugely restrictive covenants. If I had all the money in the world I wouldn't want to live in a 'community' like that.

Tried a 2 mile run/walk with Lola the other morning and it was a bit iffy. Still dizzy and coughing stuff up and the running wasn't helping. My legs are sore and I'm not even doing anything. How can I be so sore from sitting on my ass? Hopefully I'll survive the dust at the agility trial this weekend and be ready to resume some sort of tri training on Monday. At least the weather's supposed to be crappy this weekend. I hate sitting in a dusty horse arena all weekend while the sun is blazing outside.

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